Creative with clay

Class 1 have had so much fun this week exploring clay and creating their own creatures!

Supertato to the Rescue!

The children have had so much fun making their very own ‘Supertato’ They designed their own and followed this to make their ‘Supertato’. They look fantastic!

We are Class 1!

This week Class 1 have been painting self portraits. They discussed what they looked like and decided on the colours they needed for their eyes and their hair. They look fabulous!


What an amazing final class assembly Class 1 did today! Such fabulous acting and loud voices!

Bog Baby!

The children have had so much fun thinking back to our trip last week and recreated Bog Baby using playdough and natural resources.

Hardwick Park Visit

This week Class 1 went on a trip to Hardwick Park. They had an amazing time! In the morning they listened to a story all about Bog Baby then got to go pond dipping to see if they could find a bog baby. They didn’t find one but found so many other pond creatures! After that they went on a hunt to find bog baby, following his blue ‘sneezes’. When they finally found bog baby they got to make their very own using clay and natural objects, they were brilliant!

In the afternoon they went on a sensory trail and drew the things they could see, hear, smell and feel. Then they went on a walk, collecting natural resources to make their own collage. Finally they used paper, string and ribbons to decorate a tree. A wonderful day!


The children have had lots of fun reading the story of Rapunzel this week and have written some brilliant descriptions of her in Literacy, read words from the stories and drew pictures to match and have even cut her spaghetti hair in our finger gym!


Ocean in a Bottle

We have made our very own ocean in a bottle this week and they look amazing! It looks like waves rolling across the sea when you tip the bottle from side to side.


Ship Ahoy!

Class 1 have had lots of fun in their new role play area. Dressing as pirates and hunting for treasure.

Marvellous Measuring

In Class 1 this week we have been learning all about measuring. We received a letter from the giants asking us to measure their footprints. we found out which one was the longest and then worked out which would be the tallest giant. We’ve also explored tape measures in pairs measuring lots of items around our classroom.