PACT Reading Morning 📚 📖

We had a fantastic morning at our PACT (parent and child together) reading morning. The children absolutely loved having their grown up in to complete all the fab reading activities and complete some lovely reading together!

Our Sporty Week in Class 1

This week in Class 1 we were very lucky to take part in Hoop Starz!

We were learning how to hoola hoop correctly, we all learnt so much within a short space of time! We all now know the correct methods to hoola hoop effectively and for a long period of time.

We have to have one foot forwards – Nova

We have to move our tummies backwards and forwards to make the hoop move – Timothy

After practising how to hoola hoop we then hoola hooped to some music, we all did such a fantastic job!

We were lucky enough to then build our own Hoola Homes, to do this week needed six hoops, one for the floor, two for the side of the home, one to make a front door and another one for the back door, to complete the Hoola Home we then added the final hoop on top to make a roof.

Our challenge after building the Hoola Home was to see if we could all fit into our homes without knocking them over……WE DID IT!

We all had such a fantastic time and can’t wait to share our skills at home!

Shape Sorting!

This week in Class 1 we have been working hard in Maths.  We have been counting up to 9 this week and learning all about the number 9, we know lots of different ways to make 9 such as;

5 + 4 = 9 – Nova

6 + 3 = 9 – Leo

8 + 1 = 9 – Jersey

7 + 2 = 9 – Timothy

To ensure that we are able to continue learning about number in the classroom we have also been recalling shapes and how many sides each shape has, we then had the task of sorting some shapes into the correct place.

A square has 4 sides – Maya

A rectangle has 2 short and 2 long – Bodhi

Triangle has 3 sides – Joey

Jack Frost in Class 1!

This week we have been reading the story Here Comes Jack Frost!  We have enjoyed talking about the weather when reading this story as we noticed that it was all about cold weather.  We know that Jack Frost comes when it is becoming Winter and that means that it is getting colder and we may even see snow and ice!

Jack Frost wrote us a letter telling us that when he had visited our school he had lost his frozen hands!  We knew we had to help Jack Frost find them before they melted!  We checked our outdoor area for his hands…….thank goodness we found them before they had melted!

We all agreed that the best place to put Jack Frost’s hands was in the freezer to keep them nice and cold.  After saving his hands we wrote a letter back to Jack Frost letting him know that we had found his hands and had put them in the freezer for him to collect.

Amazing work in Class 1!


This week Class 1 have been learning about Diwali, also known as the Festival of Light!

We have been learning about what Hindus do in order to prepare for Diwali in their homes, we know that lots of Hindus clean and tidy their homes to ensure that the Goddess Lakshmi comes to visit them and brings them good luck.  Lots of Hindus create beautiful patterns on the ground in front the door, these are called Rangolis, we have been designing our own Rangolis using lots of bright colours!

We have also been learning about Hindus do during Diwali, we know that Diwali can last 5 days and that during this time Hindus see lots of their family and can exchange gifts or sweets.  We also know that Hindus wear very special clothes to visit the Temple during Diwali – They even have to take their shoes off when they enter the Temple!

We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Diwali!

Our Fact Filled Week

This week Class 1 have had lost of events happening.   We know that on Sunday 5th November it was Bonfire Night, we know that people celebrate bonfire night by having a huge bonfire and setting off some amazing fireworks!  We watched some videos about fireworks and talked about the loud sound we hear when they are set off, we know we can hear whistling as the fireworks go up and a bang when the explode in the sky into beautiful colours!

We have been working hard to create our own firework scenes using chalk and spreading  the colour using our fingers and threading the correct amount of hoops on our own star sparklers!

Class 1 have also been learning about Remembrance Day which is taking place on Saturday 11th November, we have been learning about why we have Remembrance Day.  We know we have this day to remember the soldiers who have fallen or been injured in battle whilst trying to keep people safe.

We have created our own poppies in school using paint, we have been using a paint brush to paint the green stems and we have printed the red petals using a brick.


Halloween Week in Class 1

This week Class 1 have been enjoying their activities related to Halloween!


The children have been working hard in the Maths area, where we have been making magical potions counting out the right amount of items to make the potions just right.  We have also been using our super finger muscles to use tweezers to pick out different numicon amounts and identify them correctly!

In our finger gym we have been ensuring all of the spiders have the right amount of peg legs attached!

We have also been writing some fantastic potions that we can make in our cauldrons! We have been using our Phonics knowledge to correctly hear the sounds in each of our words!


We have all been working very hard in Class 1!

We’re Going On A Leaf Hunt!

Class 1 have been enjoying the story ‘We’re going on a leaf hunt’.   The children have been talking about how the seasons change throughout the year, they know that we are currently in the Autumn season so the leaves have all changed colour.

Class 1 know that the leaves change colour because the sun is not reaching them as much now so instead of the leaves being green they are now red, orange, yellow and brown.

Class 1 also did our own Leaf Hunt, where we collected lots of Autumn leaves that had fallen onto the ground.

Healthy Teeth!

This week Class 1 has had a Dentist build in their classroom. The children have been talking about why we need to keep our teeth healthy as well as how we can do this.

Class 1 know that you should brush your teeth at least twice a day!  We have also been practising how to brush our teeth correctly in order to get our teeth as clean as possible.  We know that making small circles around our teeth when bushing can clean every part of our teeth and up to our gums.  Class 1 also know to only use a pea sized amount of toothpaste when brushing their teeth, to achieve the best clean possible!

Well done Class 1 you are all super at cleaning your teeth!

Hand Washing!

This week Class 1 had a visit from the local nurses.  The nurses spoke to us about why we need to wash our hands and the best way to do this.

We listened to a story from Duggee about washing our hands before we make food, we know that we need to wash our hands to ensure we do not have germs on our hands.  We also listened to the nurses explain about other times that we should wash our hands such as;

  • After playing outside
  • Getting muddy
  • After going to the toilet
  • When we cough or sneeze

Class 1 did an amazing job during the nurses visit and we know that we must wash our hands for 20 seconds, we have even practised a song to sing whilst we do this!