Our Fact Filled Week

This week Class 1 have had lost of events happening.   We know that on Sunday 5th November it was Bonfire Night, we know that people celebrate bonfire night by having a huge bonfire and setting off some amazing fireworks!  We watched some videos about fireworks and talked about the loud sound we hear when they are set off, we know we can hear whistling as the fireworks go up and a bang when the explode in the sky into beautiful colours!

We have been working hard to create our own firework scenes using chalk and spreading  the colour using our fingers and threading the correct amount of hoops on our own star sparklers!

Class 1 have also been learning about Remembrance Day which is taking place on Saturday 11th November, we have been learning about why we have Remembrance Day.  We know we have this day to remember the soldiers who have fallen or been injured in battle whilst trying to keep people safe.

We have created our own poppies in school using paint, we have been using a paint brush to paint the green stems and we have printed the red petals using a brick.