Our Sporty Week in Class 1

This week in Class 1 we were very lucky to take part in Hoop Starz!

We were learning how to hoola hoop correctly, we all learnt so much within a short space of time! We all now know the correct methods to hoola hoop effectively and for a long period of time.

We have to have one foot forwards – Nova

We have to move our tummies backwards and forwards to make the hoop move – Timothy

After practising how to hoola hoop we then hoola hooped to some music, we all did such a fantastic job!

We were lucky enough to then build our own Hoola Homes, to do this week needed six hoops, one for the floor, two for the side of the home, one to make a front door and another one for the back door, to complete the Hoola Home we then added the final hoop on top to make a roof.

Our challenge after building the Hoola Home was to see if we could all fit into our homes without knocking them over……WE DID IT!

We all had such a fantastic time and can’t wait to share our skills at home!