Shiver Me Timbers!

We have enjoyed Pirate Week all week in celebration of World Book Day.

We have been very busy and have all drawn treasure maps and made observational drawings of pirates. We made necklaces and gold coins, which we used to help us count. We made paper plate pirate ships and our own pirate hats. We even learnt a song about pirates! On Thursday we all dressed up like pirates and enjoyed listening to lots of pirate stories.

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Chinese New Year

This week we have enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year. We have been making things for our displays and the 2 year olds enjoyed tasting some noodles.

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We have been learning about arctic animals

This week we have made penguins, enjoyed playing a fishing game.

We have even practised using scissors to make snakes for our jungle.

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Start of the new year.

This week we have been introducing our new children to the Nursery.

We have been learning about animals and drawing lots of pictures.

We have also enjoyed playing on our new trim trail.

The 2 year olds are enjoying having a new sand pit to play in.

We have been looking for wild animals in our jungle.

We have made observational pictures of some animals.

We enjoy working in our secret writing den to practice our mark making and drawing.

We have enjoyed playing on our brand new trim trail. It was very exciting!

Number sorting

This week we have been trying to recognise and order numbers up to 5, 10 and even 20!

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Nursery Rhyme Week

This week we have been learning lots of Nursery Rhymes and have enjoyed lots of activities to go with them.

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Remembrance Day and Children in Need

This week the children have been learning about Remembrance day and why we wear a poppy.

We have been doing lots of work about Incy Wincy Spider.

We have also enjoyed lots of fun activities to raise money and an awareness

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for Children in Need.

Anti-Bullying Week

This week was Anti-Bullying week. In our school council meeting the children talked about what bullying is and wrote down the names of the people they can speak to if they are being bullied or if they see another child in school being bullied.


In our school council meeting on 24th October we talked about friendships and the role of the Playground Buddies. The school council children decided that they would like to help the Playground Buddies on the yard at break times to act as support for the children on the yard and make sure that all children have someone to play with.