At Monkton Infants School, we follow the Letters and Sounds Scheme (revised).

In Nursery, children will be working at phase 1. Children will be developing speaking and listening skills. Children will learn about the sounds around them and will become ready to develop oral blending and segmenting skills.

In Reception, children will be working at phase 2 and phase 3. Letters and Sounds will be introduced one at a time and a set of letters are taught each week in a sequence. Children will use their knowledge of letter sounds and begin to sound out words. Phase 3 will introduce children to 25 new graphemes. They will also learn the letter names using an alphabet song.

In Year 1, children will be working at phase 4 and 5. Phase 4 will consolidate learning of all graphemes taught so far including reading and spellings words with adjacent consonants such as, trap, strong, silk. Phase 5 will introduce children to more graphemes and phonemes. They will learn alternative pronunciations for graphemes.

In year 2, children will be consolidating phase 5. Phase 6 will focus on children using their reading skills to read automatically and focus on spelling.