This week Class 1 have been learning about Diwali, also known as the Festival of Light!

We have been learning about what Hindus do in order to prepare for Diwali in their homes, we know that lots of Hindus clean and tidy their homes to ensure that the Goddess Lakshmi comes to visit them and brings them good luck.  Lots of Hindus create beautiful patterns on the ground in front the door, these are called Rangolis, we have been designing our own Rangolis using lots of bright colours!

We have also been learning about Hindus do during Diwali, we know that Diwali can last 5 days and that during this time Hindus see lots of their family and can exchange gifts or sweets.  We also know that Hindus wear very special clothes to visit the Temple during Diwali – They even have to take their shoes off when they enter the Temple!

We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Diwali!