Simonside Walk

On Thursday the children in Reception went on a walk of Simonside. They discussed the season Autumn and walked past the shops, Simonside Church yard and saw the metro. We looked out for different signs along the walk and signs of Autumn.

Me, Myself and I

we have been creating self portraits this week, we looked at all our similarities and differences and created ourself.

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

This week the children have been learning all about the life cycle of a butterfly. They went outside to draw their own life cycle on the ground using chunky chalks.

Pancake Day

The children in Class 2 have thoroughly enjoyed making pancakes this week. They read and followed a recipe to make the perfect pancake. Then the children decided to write a recipe for their families to make at home. Yum!

Adding and Subtracting

The children in Class 2 have been solving addition and subtraction sums in Maths this week. They used the cubes to solve this practically before writing the answer in a number sentence, fantastic work!

Balloon PE

The children in Class 2 have had an excellent time in PE this week. They used a balloon to copy, repeat and practise a variety of handling activities.

Winter Assembly

Today Class 2 had there class assembly. It was a winter assembly and the children talked about the clothes that we should wear and we shared the story of Jack Frost.

Fine Motor Fun

The children have enjoyed being outside this week. To develop their fine motor skills, one of their jobs was to use a spray bottle filled with paint and water to cover a white sheet.


Dear Jack Frost

This week the children in Class 2 read the story ‘Jack Frost’. When they came in from break time, the children discovered a letter in the book area. The letter was covered in snow, they guessed that it was from Jack Frost. Jack Frost had lost his hands and needed our help to find them, the children did a fantastic job of searching for his hands and we put them in a safe place for him. We then wrote some fantastic letters to tell him that we found his hands. Great job Class 2!


Counting Beans

This week the children have enjoyed recognising numbers to 10 and putting the correct amount of beans in each tub. They also sorted the beans into the three different types and counting how many they had.