✨ Morning Challenge ✨

We have started our new morning challenge for when we first arrive in school.

When we come in on a morning we have a different picture on the whiteboard. We use our incredible imagination and think of our own sentences to go with the picture. We then write them, trying our best to remember capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We have also been trying super hard to ensure our writing is as neat as possible with all letters sitting on the line.

The Paper Bag Princess ️

This week we have been reading The Paper Bag Princess.
We listened to the story and then created our own story map with pictures and actions to help us re tell the story. We retold the story several times a day, as a class and to our peers.
We created our own story maps, followed by writing the story.
Fabulous retelling and writing of the story



We also made our very own Paper Bag Princess

Finally, we performed the story to our grown ups. We did an amazing voice, we were super confident using loud, clear voices



Captain Blackbeard sent his shipmate like he promised!! He received all of our maps leading him to the treasure and allowed his shipmate to leave Underpants Island to come and see us!! We loved telling him all the fun facts we now know about pirates!What a fun filled end to our pirate topic‍☠️


Captain Blackbeard!

This week we received a very interesting video message from Captain Blackbeard. He received our invitations inviting him on a treasure hunt but unfortunately he is stuck on Underpants Island. Instead, he asked us to make a map leading to our treasure and he will try to send one of his shipmates along. We had a look at various types of maps to get a good, solid understanding of what a map is. We then thought long and hard about which type of settings we want to pass on our treasure hunt and we discussed why a pirate may also like passing through these settings. Amazing maps Class 2″


This week we have also been looking at various emotions, we identified the emotions on the cards and then painted this emotion onto a blank pirate. We discussed a time we felt this way and thought about why our pirate may feel this way.

Some fantastic pirate writing this week too!

Wooden Spoon Pirates‍☠️

Class 2 have been using a range of materials to create their own wooden spoon pirates! We were able to discuss how we were going to make them as well as then share them with our friends explaining how we got our end result!

We also got some fantastic pirate discussion whilst making them!

“Mine drinks grog, it’s disgusting.” – Elias

“His hat is like a jolly roger off the ship.” – Tommy

“Mine is the one who steers the ship.” – Arlo (What do they use to steer, Arlo?) – “It’s a helm, a pirate steering wheel not like in the big car.”

“I’m going to do an eye patch so he can see better at night.” – Taylor

“He’s the captain so he is the boss.” – Mason


Number Bonds

We started our week by recapping our number bonds to 5 and ensuring we could find them using resources and then automatically recall them. We then moved onto number bonds to 10. We used numicon and tens frames to help support us when identifying the number bonds to 10. Most of us can now automatically recall our number bonds to 10 as well as some subtraction number sentences! Super work Class 2!


‍♂️ Gymnastics ‍♀️

This week we started our new P.E topic – gymnastics! ‍♀️‍♂️

We were absolutely amazing at:

‍♂️ Holding our balance for more than 5 seconds.

‍♀️ Balancing on one leg and then swapping legs.

‍♂️ Raising one leg, whilst balancing on the other leg and holding still.

‍♀️ Having a go at pointing our toes.


‍☠️ PIRATES ‍☠️

Our new topic is pirates. After reading Pirate Pete and his Parrot we discussed what we know about pirates. They work on a ship, they wear an eye patch, they have a hook… but that was about it.

The children discussed with their peers what they want to know about pirates and we made a spider diagram. We are looking forward to researching the pirate life in the following weeks!!




Easter Fun

We’ve had a super busy Easter week.

We have used a variety of materials to create our own paper plate chicks and bunnies.

Some super Easter counting, matching the numeral to the quantity ✅✔️

And we made some amazing Easter eggs with boiled eggs  we have:

  1. Godzilla
  2. Chick
  3. Unicorn
  4. Minion
  5. Spiderman  ‍♂️
  6. Spiderman again ‍♂️
  7. Rapunzel

🌸💐🌹 New Growth 🌸💐🌹

As part of our Spring topic, we have been learning all about the new growth which occurs during this time of the year. We recalled what we already know about seasons and we discussed them in the correct sequence. For example, we know we had some snow during Winter, Christmas happened, and all the leaves fell off the trees. We used our classroom timeline to support us in discussing past events. We then observed how the sun has started shining a lot more and some of our trees are growing their leaves back.

We read the story ‘Flower Garden’ and talked about new growth around us. We were able to identify the blossom growing on the trees outside as well as daffodils growing.

We got some beautiful spring flowers in our class and we discussed and described them. The children then had a go at drawing the flowers whilst discussing with peers what they could see.

Amazing drawings and observations, Class 2