Jack Frost in Class 1!

This week we have been reading the story Here Comes Jack Frost!  We have enjoyed talking about the weather when reading this story as we noticed that it was all about cold weather.  We know that Jack Frost comes when it is becoming Winter and that means that it is getting colder and we may even see snow and ice!

Jack Frost wrote us a letter telling us that when he had visited our school he had lost his frozen hands!  We knew we had to help Jack Frost find them before they melted!  We checked our outdoor area for his hands…….thank goodness we found them before they had melted!

We all agreed that the best place to put Jack Frost’s hands was in the freezer to keep them nice and cold.  After saving his hands we wrote a letter back to Jack Frost letting him know that we had found his hands and had put them in the freezer for him to collect.

Amazing work in Class 1!