Water Safety

Today is Kidsafe Day in our school and the children are learning all how to stay safe in a range of situations. Class 4 began by learning about water safety. They joined in with circle time and talked about how to stay safe at the beach or the pool. They then designed some fabulous water safety posters.

Summer Assembly

Today is the first day of Summer! Class 4 did a lovely assembly this morning all about Summer. They read out some lovely senses poems and performed a rhyme all about the importance of staying safe in the sun.

Telling Time

Class 4 have been learning how to tell the time this week. They used a range of clocks to show o’clock and half past times. They even began to read time to 15 minute intervals.

Marvellous Multiplication

In our maths lessons this week we have been learning all about multiplication. We looked at different arrays and wrote the matching number sentences underneath. We even began to draw our own arrays to solve multiplication problems.

Superhero Day

We have had lots of fun dressed as superheroes today. We wrote some amazing stories all about our favourite superheroes in our extended writing lesson.


In our maths lessons we have been learning about division. We listened to a story about a mean ogre who needed us to help share his pizza out equally between his children. We showed our ‘working out’ in our books using dots to represent the pizza and circles to represent the children. We then completed some challenge questions.


This term we are learning all about transport. We looked at and discussed a range of different forms of transport. We then chose our favourite and created models using Lego.

Class 4’s May Day Assembly

Class 4 did a fantastic assembly all about May Day. They told us lots of information about the origins of May Day and its traditions.

The children all said their lines clearly and there was some brilliant singing and Morris dancing! 🌟

Famous Landmarks

Class 4 created some amazing models of famous landmarks from around the world using clay.

Easter Fun!

The children in Class 4 have had lots of fun this week designing and making some brilliant Easter eggs for the egg competition. They also did an absolutely amazing Spring Show earlier in the week. The singing, dancing and acting was fantastic!