Super Christmas Show🎄

This week Class 4 performed our Christmas show for our adults. We did such an AMAZING  job and the children did so well remembering their lines, songs and actions. Well done Class 4!!🤩

Year 1 Reading Morning📖

This week the adults of children in class 4 were invited into school for a reading morning! The children really enjoyed showing their adults some of the phonics activities we do in class and showing off how amazing their reading skills are!!📖🌟


This week Class 4 enjoyed a fantastic morning learning hula hooping skills with Hoopstarz! We started by learning how we need to stand and move our bodies in order to hula hoop well and then learned some new moves to add in, including:

🌟The 360 Spin

🌟The Angel of the North

🌟Spin the Penny

We had so much fun learning a new skill!

What Can I Do About Bullying?

In our Jigsaw session this week, class 4 have been looking to answer the question ‘What can I do about bullying?’ We recapped upon what bullying is, what it looks like and how it makes people feel before discussing who we can talk to if we are worried about bullying and some of the ways we can help someone who is being bullied. Take a look at some of our wonderful ideas!

Terrific Tennis!🎾

This week Class 4 were lucky enough to take part in the tennis festival at Temple Park. Lots of us had never played tennis before so it was wonderful to try something new. We had great fun and learned lots of new tennis skills, including:

🎾 Forehand hit

🎾 Backhand hit

🎾 Serving

🎾 Volleying

…and we even played a game on floor tennis!

Paint Using Computers💻

This week in computing we have been looking at the question ‘How can we paint using computers?’ We looked at the Paintz app and Microsoft Paint and using computers, iPads and the interactive whiteboard to explore the different features we;

🖌️ Used the pen tool to make marks explaining which tool we used

🖌️ Used different tools to write and type our names

🖌️ Created pictures using different tools, discussing which one we were using and why

OpenZone @ The Word🤖

This week Class 4 had a very exciting class trip to OpenZone at The Word. We walked to our local metro station and got the metro to South Shields🚊

Once there, we followed instruction on the SPIKE app to build models us using lego and then created a code to make the models move🤖

IMG_4207 IMG_4208

Weather Vanes💨

As part of our topic ‘Weather and Seasons’ this half term, we have been looking at weather vanes in our D&T lessons. We started by looking at what a weather vane is before designing our own and then creating them using cups, straws, pencils and paper.
We then took them outside to test them out – luckily it was a very windy day!💨


In Class 4, we have been looking at the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. We looked at his most popular pieces of art, including ‘Sunflowers’. We looked carefully at the painting and discussed the colours he had used and why we thought he had chosen those colours. We then looked at colour mixing and used a colour wheel to mix the primary colours – red, yellow and blue – to make other colours. We mixed red and blue to make purple, red and yellow to make orange and yellow and blue to make green.


We then used this to create our own version of ‘Sunflowers’ and they looked amazing! They will soon be brightening our school corridor as they are proudly displayed!

Everyone Worries

This week, class 4 were lucky enough to receive a visit from Aaron, who is part of the Healthy Minds Team. Aaron talked to us about mental health and the importance of making sure we look after our minds, as well as our bodies. We also looked at worries and talked about:

🧠What a worry is

🧠How we can recognise a worry

🧠What we can do to help us feel less worried