Paint Using Computers💻

This week in computing we have been looking at the question ‘How can we paint using computers?’ We looked at the Paintz app and Microsoft Paint and using computers, iPads and the interactive whiteboard to explore the different features we;

🖌️ Used the pen tool to make marks explaining which tool we used

🖌️ Used different tools to write and type our names

🖌️ Created pictures using different tools, discussing which one we were using and why

OpenZone @ The Word🤖

This week Class 4 had a very exciting class trip to OpenZone at The Word. We walked to our local metro station and got the metro to South Shields🚊

Once there, we followed instruction on the SPIKE app to build models us using lego and then created a code to make the models move🤖

IMG_4207 IMG_4208

Weather Vanes💨

As part of our topic ‘Weather and Seasons’ this half term, we have been looking at weather vanes in our D&T lessons. We started by looking at what a weather vane is before designing our own and then creating them using cups, straws, pencils and paper.
We then took them outside to test them out – luckily it was a very windy day!💨


In Class 4, we have been looking at the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. We looked at his most popular pieces of art, including ‘Sunflowers’. We looked carefully at the painting and discussed the colours he had used and why we thought he had chosen those colours. We then looked at colour mixing and used a colour wheel to mix the primary colours – red, yellow and blue – to make other colours. We mixed red and blue to make purple, red and yellow to make orange and yellow and blue to make green.


We then used this to create our own version of ‘Sunflowers’ and they looked amazing! They will soon be brightening our school corridor as they are proudly displayed!

Everyone Worries

This week, class 4 were lucky enough to receive a visit from Aaron, who is part of the Healthy Minds Team. Aaron talked to us about mental health and the importance of making sure we look after our minds, as well as our bodies. We also looked at worries and talked about:

🧠What a worry is

🧠How we can recognise a worry

🧠What we can do to help us feel less worried

Marvellous Maths!

In our maths lessons in class 4, we have been comparing amounts. We counted amounts in each group before comparing them using greater than, less than and equal to. We then used comparison signs <,> and = to compare amounts and numbers.

A fab week in Class 4!🌟

The children in class 4 have had a fantastic week settling into their new class! We have discussed what we got up to in the holidays, talked about how we feel starting a new class and completed lots of fun activities including creating our own colour monster!
We are so looking forward to our exciting year ahead!


As part of our ‘transport’ theme, we have been looking at different kinds of transport. We looked closely at rockets and after carefully designing our own space rockets, we built them out of clay. We used tools to add extra designs and details and sculpt out the perfect shape! We can’t wait to decorate them to add extra details and see them come to life!

African Dancing

In Class 4 we have been learning a lot about the seven continents. As part of our learning, we had a dance instructor come to give us some more information about Africa🌍 We learned some interesting facts about Africa, including animals that live in Africa and African celebrations. Did you know that hip hope was inspired by African dance? We learned that Africans use dance as not only a way to have fun but to celebrate and to communicate. We then had a go at trying some African dances ourselves!🥁🎶

Gibside Trip🌿

Class 4 had a fantastic day on our trip to Gibside!
We spent the day creating art using nature and making our own artists pallets using flowers and leaves as well as creating sculptures using items we found in the forest!
We also went on a minibeast hunt to find as many different minibeasts as we could. We found lots of different creatures and using a magnifying glass we looked closely at the minibeasts to find out more about then in order to categorise them based on the amount of legs they had.
We all had so much fun!🌿🐛🐜☀️