Fiction and Non-Fiction

This week Class 4 have been looking at fiction and non-fiction texts…

We discussed what fiction and non-fiction means before looking at the different features and using this to group books into the correct categories. We discovered that fiction books are not real, have illustrations, have a problem and a solution and have characters. We also discovered that non-fiction books are real, have photographs, have contents pages and have a glossary. We used this information to sort the books in the correct groups before creating a list of features of a fiction text and a list of features of a non-fiction text

Brilliant Beans!

After reading the story, Jack and the Beanstalk, class 4 decided to plant their own beans. We discussed what beans need to grow and discovered that they would need


☀️ Sunlight


Space to grow

After planting our beans we then received a very special message – it was from the Giant! Asking us to help him plant a bean to grow a new beanstalk after Jack chopped his down. We used what we had learnt from planting our beans to create a set of instructions for the Giant to follow

Peter Thorpe Space Art

As part of our transport theme this term, class 4 have been exploring the artist Peter Thorpe and his rocket paintings. We looked at some of his art work and discussed his abstract choices and bold colours. We then talked about which painting we liked most and shared why it stood out to us and how it made us feel.

Spring has Sprung

To celebrate the start of Spring, we explored the season through our senses! Using different resources such as pictures and videos, as well as our own experiences of the season, we talked about what we might see, hear, smell, taste and touch in Spring. We then used collage materials to create Spring sun catchers in the shape of butterflies

Pancake Day🥞

In celebration of pancake day, class 4 have been exploring why we celebrate pancake day and how it is celebrated around the world. We learnt that in some countries such as Sweden, sweet pastries are eaten rather than pancakes. We then discussed what our favourite pancake toppings were and used this to design our ‘Dream Pancake’. It was then only right that we were able to try some and just as we predicted…they were delicious!

Chinese New Year🇨🇳

In Year 1, we have been learning all about Chinese New Year. We learned about how people get ready for Chinese New Year and how they celebrate. We then used our new knowledge to teach our adults and other children in the school all about it in our class assembly!

Year 1 Maths PACT

This week the adults of children in class 4 were invited into school for a very exciting maths morning! The children thoroughly enjoyed showing off their super maths skills through a range of different place value activities!

Fruit Tasting🍍

In Class 4 this week we have been reading ‘Handa’s Surprise’ by Eileen Brown. Today we tried some of the fruits that Handa puts into her basket for her friend, Akeyo. We tried;






Some of the fruits we had never tried before but we really enjoyed some of them – others not so much! We then described the taste and textures using a range of different adjectives like smooth, soft, juicy and sweet.

Grouping Data💻

In computing this half term we will be looking at ‘Grouping Data’. As an introduction to this, we started by looking at labels. We discussed where we might find labels and why we use them. We then used labels to help us group objects together🍎✏️🧸

Super Christmas Show🎄

This week Class 4 performed our Christmas show for our adults. We did such an AMAZING  job and the children did so well remembering their lines, songs and actions. Well done Class 4!!🤩