Easter Fun

We’ve had a super busy Easter week.

We have used a variety of materials to create our own paper plate chicks and bunnies.

Some super Easter counting, matching the numeral to the quantity ✅✔️

And we made some amazing Easter eggs with boiled eggs  we have:

  1. Godzilla
  2. Chick
  3. Unicorn
  4. Minion
  5. Spiderman  ‍♂️
  6. Spiderman again ‍♂️
  7. Rapunzel

🌸💐🌹 New Growth 🌸💐🌹

As part of our Spring topic, we have been learning all about the new growth which occurs during this time of the year. We recalled what we already know about seasons and we discussed them in the correct sequence. For example, we know we had some snow during Winter, Christmas happened, and all the leaves fell off the trees. We used our classroom timeline to support us in discussing past events. We then observed how the sun has started shining a lot more and some of our trees are growing their leaves back.

We read the story ‘Flower Garden’ and talked about new growth around us. We were able to identify the blossom growing on the trees outside as well as daffodils growing.

We got some beautiful spring flowers in our class and we discussed and described them. The children then had a go at drawing the flowers whilst discussing with peers what they could see.

Amazing drawings and observations, Class 2


Transport and what you might find in the garden

The 2 year olds have been making train shape pictures, sorting transport into categories of land, sea and air, and drawing and using their plans to  make different types of transport models.


Some of the older children have been finding out about what they find underground and in the garden. They have planted seeds and made their own mini-beasts.



We started our half term by reading ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’.🐛 We created a story map and re told the story several times until we tell the main events independently. We then created our own story maps and re told the story to an adult.


The following days, we got such a shock to find real life caterpillars in our classroom! We are going to watch the life cycle of a butterfly happen right in front of us! We read the story ‘From Caterpillar to Butterfly’ and discussed the life cycle of a butterfly, the different stages using the correct vocabulary such as molting, chrysalis, metamorphosis. We then ordered the life cycle.🐛🦋🐛🦋

The following week, after lots of discussions of each stage, ordering and observing, we created our own instructions for a caterpillar. We thought our caterpillars might need that little bit extra support in turning into a butterfly so we broke this down for them.✍️
I was blown away by our incredible writing, some of us even used time connectives!! We have been working so hard in ensuring our letter formation is correct.



We also started creating our own caterpillars and butterflies using clay!





📖📚 World Book Day 📚📖

Class 2 have absolutely loved celebrating World Book Day! Our theme was ‘The Circus’. 🎪🤡

We read the story ‘Ninja Nan’, all about a Nan who runs away to the circus leaving her grandson a letter explaining where she’s going. We decided we want to run away to the circus! We wrote a letter to our loved ones explaining where we are going and what we are going to be at the circus. We are improving massively on our handwriting, sentence structure and keeping our writing sitting on the line!


We also had a super special visitor from the circus come in and teach us various circus tricks. We had a go at each one and had such a fun time!!

🐣🐛🐑🌤 SPRING 🌤🐑🐛🐣

Our new topic for this half term is Spring!
This week we begun talking about the changes which occur during spring. A lot of the children noticed the sun had been shining a lot recently, but it was still very cold outside. But they knew Spring is on the way!

We have opened our farm shop as well as our small world farm, we are looking forward to developing our vocabulary around all things Spring!

What’s in the box?

This week we discovered a mysterious box in our classroom. It had ‘danger’ and ‘caution’ signs on so we knew it must be something dangerous!! The box came with some care needs, after reading the care needs and noticing the air holes we knew whatever was inside was alive! But what was it?
Class 2 impressed me so much with their imagination, they suggested the creature was a:

🦖 a green lizard

🦕 a huge spider

🦖 a colourful butterfly

🦕 a huge dinosaur

🦖 a huge, green beast

🦕 a bug, bad witch

We decided we need to make wanted posters, describing this creature in case anyone else had seen him creeping into our school!


The next day when we arrived at school we found the feature had escaped from the box!! A DINOSAUR😵

Class 2 came up with the idea that he was a baby dinosaur who was a bit scared looking for his Mummy, they have been amazing at looking after him. They even thought about some names for him and wrote them down.  


This week Class 4 enjoyed a fantastic morning learning hula hooping skills with Hoopstarz! We started by learning how we need to stand and move our bodies in order to hula hoop well and then learned some new moves to add in, including:

🌟The 360 Spin

🌟The Angel of the North

🌟Spin the Penny

We had so much fun learning a new skill!

Weather Vanes💨

As part of our topic ‘Weather and Seasons’ this half term, we have been looking at weather vanes in our D&T lessons. We started by looking at what a weather vane is before designing our own and then creating them using cups, straws, pencils and paper.
We then took them outside to test them out – luckily it was a very windy day!💨

What a week in Class 5!

The children have worked incredibly hard this week in English.  They have been looking at, picking apart and writing a non-chronological report all about Wolves.

They have researched, using videos and information fact sheets, made notes about 3 sub-headings and then wrote their own.  It was quite a challenge but with excellent results, and I am extremely proud of each and every one of them, well done!

I shall be displaying them outside of the classroom so please come and see what they have published, real Authors in the making!