New Years Resolutions Assembly

Class 4 performed a super assembly this morning all about New Years resolutions. They have learned what a resolution is and have thought of their own goals they want to work towards.



This week the children in Class 2 have been painting their own self-portraits. They used a variety of materials and experimented with colour mixing.

Pudsey Day in C3!

We had a fantastic Friday doing lots of Pudsey activities in C3 after watching C4’s brilliant Children in Need assembly. We all looked so colourful!

This week, we have been continuing to focus on capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We read the story of Little Red Riding Hood and thought of adjectives to describe the mean wolf. We came up with a huge variety – naughty, fierce, scary, fluffy, nasty, brown, creepy, horrifying. We came up with adjectives to describe his appearance… like pointy claws, sharp teeth and a bushy tail! We are superb at identifying adjectives now! We used these adjectives in our own character descriptions of the wolf on Wednesday.

Miss Wilson x

Blissful Autumn Walks

Class 3 had a fab time exploring Temple Park fields, it was lovely to get some fresh air outdoors and do some walking among the Autumn leaves. We made our own little animal habitats amidst the rabbit holes (unfortunately didn’t see any of the adorable rabbits themselves!). With all the walking, we were just SO excited for our dinner when we got back! We drew and wrote about our trip when we got back to the class.

Miss Wilson x

Funky Fruit Salads!

Class 3 were introduced to the story of ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’ and we thought… What better than to make our OWN fruit salads in class! We followed a simple set of instructions to help us make it. Throughout the week, we also learnt about imperatives, time connectives and used bullet points in our own lists. Fabulous instruction work this week, Class 3! Here are some photos of our fruity creations…


Deeeelicious! We are going to be writing out our steps to make a fruit salad on Monday so that we can tell everyone how we made it!

Miss Wilson x


In literacy we have been learning about the prefix ‘un’. We know that it changes the meaning of a root word.

We had fun matching cards with root words to their corresponding prefix words and adding the words to sentences.


Class 4 had a very special visitor today…Santa! Everyone was so excited to meet him, he even gave each of us a present. 🎅🏻