Gibside Trip🌿

Class 4 had a fantastic day on our trip to Gibside!
We spent the day creating art using nature and making our own artists pallets using flowers and leaves as well as creating sculptures using items we found in the forest!
We also went on a minibeast hunt to find as many different minibeasts as we could. We found lots of different creatures and using a magnifying glass we looked closely at the minibeasts to find out more about then in order to categorise them based on the amount of legs they had.
We all had so much fun!🌿🐛🐜☀️

Brilliant Beans!

This week we have been looking at the non-fiction book “My Bean Diary”. We started by discussing features of a non-fiction text and how we knew this book was non-fiction. We are enjoying the book so much we decided to plant our own beans so that we can watch them grow and create our own bean diaries!🌱

Science Fun for Science Week!🧪

This week Year 1 were lucky enough to receive another visit from Katie at Science Buddies to help us celebrate Science Week. As this years theme is ‘Connections’ we carried out 3 very exciting and interesting experiments…

Katie started by showing us how to use pipettes by adding water drop by drop into a cup. We also put on our safety goggles and lab coats – safety first!

We then used our new skills and techniques to add vinegar to a very special powder. We were so shocked to see the powder started to change colour!

Once we had completed our first experiment, we started another using skittles and water. We used the skittles to create a circle on a plate and then poured water onto the skittles and watched the colours run to create a beautiful rainbow!🌈

For our finally experiment we added mentos into coke and watched the reaction. We couldn’t believe it was even taller than Katie when it sprayed! We had a lot of fun carrying out all of our experiments and thoroughly enjoyed being scientists for the day!

Dogs Trust Workshops🐶

Today we were lucky enough to receive a very special visit from a very special dog named Ted and his owner Rachel from DogsTrust. They came to us today to teach us how to treat dogs, in order to ensure that we are safe and happy when around dogs – and the dogs are happy and safe too! Rachel taught us how to approach dogs safely and what to do if a dog approaches us, before teaching us the 5 golden rules to remember whenever we are around dogs, as well as some actions to help us remember.

  1. If a dog is sleeping we should leave them alone
  2. When a dog is eating we should leave them alone
  3. We should always be quiet around dogs
  4. Dogs don’t like hugs they like gentle stokes
  5. If a dog takes your toy you should tell a grown up

At the end of the session, she even let us try out what we had learned with Ted – who seemed very happy!🐶

Visit to St Hilda’s Church

In our RE lessons, as part of our Christianity topic, class 4 have been looking at what you might find in a church. To support us with this, we took a trip to a local church – St Hilda’s in South Shields.

At the church we met with Father Mark who gave us a lot of interesting information on the history of the church and St Hilda. We were shown lots of different parts of the church, including the lectern, alter, font, stained glass windows and so much more before being given the opportunity to go and explore them ourselves!

Pancake Day Came Early🥞

This week we have been reading the story of “The Runaway Pancake” and have been working on writing instructions on how to make pancakes. In order to help us with writing our instructions, we decided that the best way to understand how it is done, was to make them ourselves!
We started by adding all the ingredients together, making sure to carefully measure each ingredient and giving it a good mix before they were cooked in a pan.

We then chose which toppings we would like before the final and most important step – the taste test! And we can confirm they tasted delicious😋

Scientists for the day!

Today we had a very special visit from Katie at Science Buddies, who came to deliver a very important (and fun!) workshop on the importance of washing our hands. For our first experiment we added some “germs” to a Petri dish filled with water. Then we added soap to our fingers and when we touched the water we were amazed to see the germs ran away! This showed us just how important it was to use soap when washing our hands to chase away those nasty germs! Then we rubbed a special cream which contained “germs” (glitter) into our hands and used a UV light to see how many germs were there, before washing our hands and using the UV light again. After washing our hands with soap we could see that all those germs had disappeared! Now we know just how important it is to always use soap!🧼

For our second experiment we made bath bombs! We created a special mixture, which we made sure would be safe to use on our skin and then added some colouring and a scent of our choice. We could choose between bubblegum, candy floss or pear drop – they all smelt delicious so it was very hard to chose! The children were all very excited to take their bath bombs home and try them!


Fruit Tasting

This week In Class 4, we have been reading ‘Handa’s Surprise’ by Eileen Brown. The story is about a girl called Handa who sets off to deliver a delicious basket of fruit to her friend – but gets a big surprise when she gets there! Today we tried some of the fruits from the story, including banana, orange, avocado, pineapple and mango. Some of the fruits we had never tried before! We then used adjectives such as soft, juicy and sweet to describe the look, feel and taste of the fruit 🍌🥭🍊🍍🥑


Marvelous Maths!

In Class 4, we have been focusing on numbers 11-20. To help us to fully understand each number, we broke each lesson down to firstly focus on 11, 12 and 13 then 14, 15 and 16 before finally looking at 17, 18 and 19. We explored each number by looking at how they can be represented as a numeral, a word and through different practical equipment, such as tens frames, part-whole models and base 10!