Celebrating Differences

This half term our PSHE topic is ‘Celebrating Differences’.
We have looked at how we are different to our friends and also discussed the similarities.

We then looked at what we are good at and what we enjoy and compared these to our friends. We now understand that sometimes we like the same things, but we also like different things and that’s okay. We made our own pictures of ourselves and our friends taking part in our different hobbies.

We read ‘The Colours of Us’ and then discussed the differences of people in our world.
Following on we read ‘The Lonely Snowflake’ and made a list of the similarities and differences in the snowflakes when searching for a friend the same as her.

We then talked about our families, we looked at some photos of different families and we identified what was different about them. We then compared them to our families.

Afterwards, we created beautiful drawings of our family. We brought them back to the carpet and discussed what was different and similar.

Class 2 have been fantastic at discussing and understanding that the world we live in is full of humans who are different, and that’s okay. We know it would be a super boring world if we were all the same!

Jack Frost 🥶 ❄️

This week we have been reading Jack Frost and discussing winter. We received a letter from Jack Frost explaining he has lost his hands in the cold, we went on a hunt and found his hands in our garden! The children used some amazing vocabulary to describe the hands such as cold, freezing, slippery, wet, ice cold, icy, hard, rock solid. We then wrote some simple sentences to describe how Jack’s hands felt. We had super segmenting!!

After discussing winger and Jack Frost we started to look at the weather in our country compared to other places around the world. We watched some videos of Antarctica and found out some amazing facts such as no humans live there. We had a discussion on how Antarctica is different to where we live. We then looked at some Artic animals and how they survive in comparison to animals in our country.

After recalling some facts about artic animals we created our own winter habitat for an artic animal, thinking about what that animal needs to survive.

Artic hare needs snow to hide from the artic fox – Elias

Polar bears need fish – Arlo 


Children in Need

We have loved taking part in Children in Need today. We dressed in ‘something that makes us happy’. We learnt all about children in need, read Pudsey’s Great Fundraiser and then made some beautiful Pudsey pictures and puppets.

Who are the children in need?

Children who are not well – Elias

Children who are away from their family – Mason

Children who are not happy – Tommy

Where does the money go? 

To a safe place – Arlo

To the sad children – Kyran

For fun activities for the children – Elias


Remembrance Day ❤️

Class 2 have been learning all about Remembrance Day. We watched videos of solider parading, placing poppies on monuments as well as poppy gardens. We learnt all about why we wear poppies and the reasons we remember on this day. The children used some amazing  vocabulary such as ‘a long time ago’, ‘then’,  ‘before I was born’ as well as recalling excellent facts.

When the soldiers died at war we get poppies because they fight for our country. Autumn

We remember the people who fight for us ages ago. Elias 

They March for old soldiers. Leroy

A long time ago people had to fight. It was ages ago before I was born. Rosie

This Sunday is Remebrance Day. Tommy 


We then created some amazing poppies using paint and duplo. 

We have loved Halloween week! We have been reading Room on the Broom and retelling then story using our very own story map. We used pictures and actions to help us re tell the story using the vocabulary and repetitive phrases.

We then created our own witch’s potion just like the story. We made a list of all our ingredients.

In our Maths area we used the tweezers to catch the spiders in the spiders web and subitise the amount into the numicon. The children were amazing at telling me how they knew how many was there.

“It’s five because I can see a 4 and a 1.” – Leroy

we then made a witch’s brew. We read the recipe and added the correct amount into the cauldron.


In our finger gym we added the correct amount of spiders legs onto the spider.

🎃Pumpkin Picking🎃 Read the list and create the words from the pumpkin


In our art area we created amazing spooky wreaths.

Autumn 🍂🍃

After reading ‘We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt’ we went on our very own leaf hunt. We collect lots of autumn leaves and discussed changes we could see and how the weather felt different.

This week we have learnt so much about autumn the children have recalled so many amazing facts.

It gets foggy and windy – Mason
It’s sunny but it’s a winter sun. – Tommy
Leaves are brown and yellow – Leroy
Birds migrate to a hot country. – Tommy
Where is the red tree? – Autumn (unfortunately we don’t have a red oak tree like the story)
Hat and gloves for autumn. – Athena
The squirrels get the nuts and hide them for when it’s cold. – Arlo

We have enjoyed creating our own Autumn trees by using conkers and pine cones to paint the leaves back onto the trees.

We used lots of Autumn items to create faces and discuss different emotions and a time we had felt a certain way.

In maths we used tweezers to count conkers to match numerals 1-5. We then ordered the numbered conkers onto a tens frame.

Supertato 🤩

Our amazing Supertatos. We used a variety of materials to create our very own Supertato and we were amazing at having our own ideas and choosing our materials independently.    

Book Voting 📚

This week we have introduced our Book Voting Station.

The children have loved discussing the different books and talking about their reasons for choosing a book.

There are so many aims of our book voting station

🌟 Allowing our children to have their own say
🌟 Early understanding of voting and democracy.
🌟 Discussing their opinion with peers
🌟 Developing a love for reading


Supertato to the Rescue 🦸‍♂️

This week in  Class 2 we have started to read Supertato.

We have designed our own Supertatos (ready to make next week), we then labelled our Supertato using initial sounds. We created our own super vegetables, demonstrating fantastic scissor control! We then discussed what super powers our vegetables have. In our Maths area we helped Supertato to catch all of the evil peas by using a spoon to count out the correct amount of evil peas to match the numeral.

Busy Bees 🐝

This week we have been taking part it’s lots of busy jobs.
We have

💫 Learnt all about the number 1

💫 Learnt the sounds i, n, m and d

💫 Played initial sound games

💫 Practised our letter formation

💫 Made number towers

💫 Created number one posters

💫 Learnt all about people who help us in our world

💫 Practised writing our names