Superhero Dress Up Day

The children dressed up as Superheroes today to celebrate our attendance this month. The boys and girls in Class 2 looked fantastic and we had a super day!

Phonics Fun

The children in Class 2 have enjoyed painting the initial sounds of objects this week, they had to hear the sounds and identify the letter. Some are even beginning to hear all sounds in simple CVC words.


Our Class Assembly

Well done to the children in Class 2 for a fantastic assembly all about people who help us!

Superhero Potatoes

Last week we made our own Supertato designs. This week we have followed our designs to make our own superhero potatoes. Here is a selection of our masterpieces.

Supertato to the Rescue

This week we have been reading the story Supertato. The boys and girls in Class 2 have enjoyed designing their very own Supertato. The children have drawn some fantastic designs.


This week the children in Class 2 have been painting their own self-portraits. They used a variety of materials and experimented with colour mixing.


This week we have been reading Zog. We imagined what it would be like to go to dragon school! We then wrote our own diary entries using our imagination and some of us were able to include time connectives!
Super writing, Class 2!






Bog Baby

This week Class 2 have been thinking about our trip to Hardwick Park.
We have written a recount of our trip, created our own Bog babies and painted pictures from Hardwick Park.

Hardwick Park

We had a fantastic time at Hardwick Park this week taking part in lots of exciting outdoor learning!

We created our own animal homes for woodland animals, we created a sensory picture. Drawing and labeling all things we could see, feel, hear and smell. Then we designed our own natural, woodland collage.

In the afternoon we listened to the story ‘Bog Baby’ and went pond dipping searching for Bog Baby! We didn’t find him, however we found many other pond creatures! We then went on a hunt to find Bog Baby, following his ‘sneezes’ and we eventually found him!
We then created our own Bog Baby using clay and natural, woodland resources! What a fab day and Class 2 had super behavior!

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair

This week Class 2 have been reading Rapunzel. We have been thinking of different ways to describe Rapunzel using adjectives. As a class we decided we could describe the way she looks, how she feels, what kind of clothes she is wearing and what type of person she is. The children came up with amazing adjectives! They then wrote their own descriptions.