Chinese New Year

This week we have been learning all about Chinese New Year.
We have already looked at China in the past as we know that’s where some dinosaurs were found. Today we identified China on a globe and discussed the difference between China and England. We were amazed at how big China is compared to England!! We then found out that China has 1.3 billion people living there!!

We then watched videos on Chinese New Year and learnt lots of fun facts!!

Ask your child what they know about China and their New Year.

Today we learnt:

🇨🇳 Red is their lucky colour
🇨🇳 Before NY they clean their houses to sweep away any bad luck
🇨🇳 They then decorate their house with good luck messages
🇨🇳 They eat dumplings
🇨🇳 They get new clothes for a fresh start
🇨🇳 Celebrations are dragon dances and making lanterns

After discussing similarities and differences within our country and China we tried some Chinese food and discussed how it differs to the food we eat.



We also looked at how different Chinese numbers are compared to ours, we ordered them and then had a go at writing some Chinese numbers.


And then we created some amazing lanterns for the Lantern Festival to celebrate New Year.