Our Trip To South Shields!

This week we went on a trip to South Shields to find some landmarks. This links to our History and Geography topic, as we have been learning about our local history. We went on the Ferry toward North Shields and discussed what landmarks we could see, walked through the town square, then went to see the John Simpson Kirkpatrick statue in South Shields Town Center. We have been learning about John Simpson Kirkpatrick in history this half term and were so excited to see the remembrance statue in real life!


In science we have been learning about plants, their structure, functions, and what they need to grow and stay healthy! We have planted our own seeds this week and are going to take care of them, by giving them everything that they need. We are going to monitor our plants over the next few weeks to watch the life cycle of a plant with our own eyes!

Guess Who?

This week we have been focusing on Roald Dahl’s ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ story. We have discussed the story and the characters and used our descriptive writing skills to create a ‘guess who’ about our chosen character. We then read our description to the class and guessed who each other had wrote about!

Crazy for column addition!


In maths, we have been practicing our column addition. We have been using our knowledge of place value to support our understanding of column addition and using practical resources to deepen our understanding of addition and how we can exchange our numbers.

Historical Inquiry

In History, we have started looking at the past of South Shields. We learned all about John Kirkpatrick, who was born in South Shields and helped to have over 300 injured men using his donkey. We noticed that there is a statue of John Kirkpatrick in South Shields town center. Some of us in year 2 have seen the landmark before and others hope to see it on our next visit!

The children conducted a historical inquiry on John Kirkpatrick, first predicting who he might be, why he might be important, and if he was from the past. We then discussed their predictions and learned about him together.

The children then worked together to make their own posters, with all of the new knowledge that they have learned about John Kirkpatrick and presented these to the class.


A Circus Filled Week in Year 2!

What a busy week in Year 2!

To celebrate World Book Day, we have had a Circus themed week!! We have gone circus crazy and linked all of our learning to the circus.

We have researched the history of the circus and used our research to generate informative posters!

We have read ‘Paddington at the Circus’ and wrote post cards home, telling them all about his crazy circus filled day.

We have looked at Ariel views in Geography, identifying key features of Ariel photographs of the Circus then created our own!

We have had an also amazing time learning some Circus skills in PE and making fortune teller potions in science.

We had a fun filled ‘Circus theme’ dress up day and finished our week by writing some persuasive posters to convince people to go to the Circus.

Maths Parent workshop

Thank you to those parents who attended our Spring maths workshop.  This term we have focussed on Place Value and ways in which you could support your child at home.


PE in class 6!

This week the children have been practicing their racket skills in preparation for net games later in the term! We practiced balancing a bean bag and a ball on the racket while moving to improve our coordination and balancing skills.

Festive Multi-skills at Temple Park!

Last week, the children in year 2 attended a festive multi-skills event at Temple Park. The children demonstrated the PE skills that they have been developing this term through a range of festive games! This included throwing and catching ‘Santa’s presents’, dribbling and kicking in ‘festive feet’, running, crawling and jumping in ‘Sleeping Santa’, and their listening and co-ordination skills in ‘Build a snowman’.

Year 2 Parent Reading Meeting

A huge thank you to all of those parents who attended our reading meeting on Wednesday 13th December.  It was lovely to see the interaction between children and parents and taking time to understand how children’s reading skills are developed throughout Year 2.

The workshop focussed on both decoding and early comprehension skills.