Guy Fawkes

This week, we have been learning all about the reason for celebrating Bonfire Night – Guy Fawkes and how his plan to blow up the Houses of Parliament FAILED! What a relief… We retold the story and also wrote our own letters to Lord Monteagle, warning him to stay away from the building on that frightful night. In D&T, we also made fantastic rockets! Check out our brilliant work below.

Marvellous Multiples!

We have been recapping our learning from Year 1 this week and made sure we were super confident with counting in 2s, 5s and 10s! We discussed the patterns that formed to help us recall them and to deepen our understanding.

We then moved onto counting in 3s! We played ‘Number Detective’ and made our own counting in 3 number cards in pairs. One person closed their eyes and the other person stole a card! Their partner tried their best to work out which one was missing… We had some excellent detectives – so good that we had to make it harder by stealing 3 and 4 cards at a time!

Take a look below to see our marvellous multiples!

A Minion Takeover!

We have been exploring our new reading area this week as it’s been transformed into a crazy Minion Land! We can now pick a minion to read to, encouraging us to read more frequently and eagerly throughout the day. Take a look below!

Hula Hoop Heroes!

On Friday, Class 6 had the extra special treat of being visited by ‘Hoopstarz’ who taught us all how to hula hoop. We now know that hula hooping consists of rocking forwards and backwards and not side to side or in a circle – who knew!

Not just that, but after cracking the perfect hula hooping technique, we were taught tricks! We had an excellent go at hula hooping while jumping, running on the spot and criss-crossing our legs. Below are some pictures of our fantastic hour of fun – check out the hula hoop houses we can now make with 6 hula hoops! We can’t wait to showcase our hula hooping skills on the yard during lunch times.

Our ‘Check In’ Fuzzle Wall!

Our ‘check in’ wall up and running!

In class, we use different zones to represent and show how we are feeling. These are categorised by four colours:

💚 Green: happy, positive, proud, calm, focused
💙 Blue: sad, tired, withdrawn, tearful
💛 Yellow: excited, nervous, frustrated, annoyed
❤️ Red: mad, furious, terrified, yelling

These zones support children in learning the vocabulary to better understand and reflect on their mood throughout the day. It also aids as a visual reminder for us as teachers, so we can see who might need some extra care and attention in that moment.

The class are now able to move their own face to the different zones throughout the day. We also use our mental health mascot ‘Fuzzle’ to support us with our mood regulation and promote discussion.

Try, Try and Try Again!

This week, Class 6 have been practising for their class assembly which took place on Friday – all about what we call having a ‘Growth Mindset’! This is when you keep trying despite something being tricky. We made our own posters with motivational sayings to inspire us to never give up. I was super proud of my class for putting on an excellent assembly, having not performed one for around 2 whole years! It was lovely to have the grown-ups back into school to watch us.

Settling into Year 2

We have had a fabulous few days in Year 2. As an ice-breaker, we played a game of ‘Would you rather’ – we found this utterly hilarious! We also thoroughly enjoyed playing bingo by picking our own numbers up to 20. If we won, we got a dip in the new Class 6 prize box which was very exciting. Here are some photos…

Growing and Changing

In our PSHE lesson this week we learnt about human development and how people change over time. The children talked about what people can do at each stage of their lives as they change from a baby to an adult.

Deciduous and Evergreen Trees

Class 6 have been learning about deciduous and evergreen trees. They had lots of fun identifying and naming the different trees in the school grounds and working out whether they are deciduous or evergreen. We found lots of deciduous trees like beech, ash and birch trees. We even found an apple tree!


Class 6 made clocks with ‘past’ and ‘to’ times and used these to help them solve time problems involving telling time to 5 minute intervals.