Exploring a Digital Diet

This week, Class 6 have been exploring the different ways that we can use ICT. We explored the ‘digital diet’ and learned about how to use technology in a healthy way by finding a balance between using technology and spending time away from connected devices.

We connected with each other by writing messages using whiteboards.
We used technology to be active by following a yoga programme.
We got creative by using technology to make pictures.
We gave nice messages to each other by recording them using the iPads.
We spent some mindful time away from technology by drawing pictures and listening to calming music.

Children in Need! 🐻

We had such a great time learning about Children in Need! 🐻

We fundraised by participating in a whole school ‘wear what makes you happy’ day and did lots of fun activities throughout the day to learn about the importance of Children in Need.

The children in class 6 really enjoyed decorating their Pudsey bears with lots of colours and facts about Children in Need and why it is important!

The Great Fire of London 🔥

Wow! Class 6 have been working really hard on their houses for their History topic. We have learned all about the great fire of London and the children have really enjoyed recreating a scene from London during the fire!

The children focused on how close the houses were to each other and what they were made out of which helped the fire to spread so quickly!

Computing- A day at ‘The Word’!

Year 2 have had a fantastic day today visiting ‘The Word’ learning centre in South Shields.  We travelled by metro and then took a short walk to the centre.

The children have had the opportunity to learn and practise key learning objectives from our computing curriculum.  These included programming and coding.

All children used the Lego program ‘Spike’  to programme a variety of different amusement park rides and then used Scratch Junior to learn how to code and set a simple set of algorithms.


Well done Year 2!



The Great Fire of London 🔥

The past 2 weeks the children have been designing and creating houses for the period of 1666, the Great Fire of London! The children have all taken their time to design their houses, being encouraged to think about the different styles, shapes, and sizes of the materials they are using to bring their houses to life.

We have really enjoyed learning about the Great Fire of London in History and have learned some very interesting facts! Well done class



We are all scientists in Class 6!

Over the past few weeks, class 6 have been exploring animals and their habitats. We started by asking ourselves “how do we know if something is alive?”, as a class we worked together to categorise living and non-living things into two groups!

Then we explored different habitats and the animals that might live in them! We have discussed and explored different micro habitats and the mini beasts that live in them, as well as the world habitats and the animals we might find in them.

Parents Summer Evening – Cress Head Fun!

On Monday and Tuesday this week, all parents in Year 2 had the opportunity to attend our Summer Evening from 4pm – 5pm. It was absolutely lovely to see so many of you there! We watched a video to show us all how to make a cress head and enjoyed some juice and delicious rocket lollies (even if the weather didn’t quite match!). A huge thank you to those of you who attended and we really hope you enjoyed it!

South Shields – in 3D!

This week, we have been finishing our 3D maps of South Shields that we have been working so hard on with Mrs Spargo. We included key places such as Marine Park, the fair, Herd Groyne Lighthouse, Weebles, The Word, Old Town Hall, ferry and the beach! We used a range of resources to make the various different places look effective!

Brilliant Beamish!

Class 6 had the most incredible time at Beamish on Thursday. We even got access to the park 15 minutes before members of the public so we got the whole new park to ourselves!

After this, we walked through the new 1950s Town and seen the new fish & chip shop and hairdressers before wandering around the 1900s Town. The smell inside the bakery was absolutely scrumptious and we all had a squish of the dough! Next, we visited the garage and then the dentist before enjoying our lunch near the bandstand. It was bliss having lunch in the sun! In the afternoon, we ventured off to the Pit Village where we looked inside the school and pit cottages. We had a blast!

African Dances

On Monday, we were lucky to have a visit from One Day Creative – they delivered a dance workshop all based around Africa.

We were excellent at discussing the 7 continents and where Africa was located on the map. We then named loads of different animals in Africa and really impressed our visitor.

After this, we were shown some special dances moves that were specifically from African dances. We really enjoyed listening to the African music and doing the moves we had learnt in time to the beat! Some of us were even brave enough to perform to the class whilst the other children watched as audience members.