Parents Summer Evening – Cress Head Fun!

On Monday and Tuesday this week, all parents in Year 2 had the opportunity to attend our Summer Evening from 4pm – 5pm. It was absolutely lovely to see so many of you there! We watched a video to show us all how to make a cress head and enjoyed some juice and delicious rocket lollies (even if the weather didn’t quite match!). A huge thank you to those of you who attended and we really hope you enjoyed it!

South Shields – in 3D!

This week, we have been finishing our 3D maps of South Shields that we have been working so hard on with Mrs Spargo. We included key places such as Marine Park, the fair, Herd Groyne Lighthouse, Weebles, The Word, Old Town Hall, ferry and the beach! We used a range of resources to make the various different places look effective!

Brilliant Beamish!

Class 6 had the most incredible time at Beamish on Thursday. We even got access to the park 15 minutes before members of the public so we got the whole new park to ourselves!

After this, we walked through the new 1950s Town and seen the new fish & chip shop and hairdressers before wandering around the 1900s Town. The smell inside the bakery was absolutely scrumptious and we all had a squish of the dough! Next, we visited the garage and then the dentist before enjoying our lunch near the bandstand. It was bliss having lunch in the sun! In the afternoon, we ventured off to the Pit Village where we looked inside the school and pit cottages. We had a blast!

African Dances

On Monday, we were lucky to have a visit from One Day Creative – they delivered a dance workshop all based around Africa.

We were excellent at discussing the 7 continents and where Africa was located on the map. We then named loads of different animals in Africa and really impressed our visitor.

After this, we were shown some special dances moves that were specifically from African dances. We really enjoyed listening to the African music and doing the moves we had learnt in time to the beat! Some of us were even brave enough to perform to the class whilst the other children watched as audience members.

Super Suffixes

In Year 2, we have been focusing on suffixes and are trying our best to use them independently in our own character descriptions of ‘Bast’ from ‘Lily, Windy and the Witch’. We know that suffixes are added to the end of a root word. We’ve learnt the following suffixes:

ly – sadly
ful – wonderful
ment – excitement
ness – happiness
– hopeless

This week, we have ‘ness’ suffix words for our spelling test on Friday! We have been practising really hard. Take a look below!

Amazing Algorithms

This week, in Maths & ICT, we learnt all about algorithms!

We know that an algorithm is a set of instructions we can give to a robot to make it do something we want it to do.

We’ve been using an online Bee-Bot (also available to use at home if you search online Bee-Bot on Google!) and giving it an algorithm to move it to specific places.

We used the buttons forwards and backwards along with rotate right and rotate left so that the Bee-Bot faces the right direction! ☺️


Mr Whippy @ Monkton Infants!

Class 6 were very confused when their football session got cut short on Wednesday afternoon… They were then lead to the Monkton Infants car park and discovered an ice-cream van waiting there – just for them!

We thought they deserved an extra treat for all of their hard work completing the English and Maths SATS over the past couple weeks. They worked their little socks off and we are incredibly proud of each and every one of them! Well done, Year 2!

Recipe for a Happy Home

This week, Class 6 have been completing their SATS and they have worked so hard! They’ve shown so much resilience and had such a positive mindset towards them – it’s really made me proud.

In PSHE, we created recipes for a ‘happy home’. We discussed what was important for families to be happy and get along, such as…
– communication
– laughing
– sharing
– forgiveness
– love

Everyone in the class created their very own own recipe!

Hooray for King Charles III!

We have been thoroughly enjoying learning about King Charles III and his coronation. We even received a letter from King Charles III himself so of course we had to reply! Class 6 wrote some brilliant letters explaining what they would do if they were king or queen and what their rules would be. We have also wrote excellent fact files all about what a coronation is and what happens during one! Take a look at some of our lovely work below.

Local Author – Tracey Horner!

On Wednesday, Tracey Horner, a special author from Hebburn, came to visit us to read her book ‘The Little Falcon’ all about inclusion! 🥰

We know that inclusion means everyone being able to take part – and we now know that sometimes adjustments are needed to make this happen! Tracey told us all about her brave son called Toby who has cerebral palsy and who has slightly different adjustments in his life to make him able to join in with things children love to do – playing football, going to the park, going to the beach and playing video games. ❤️