Fabulous Yoga

Class 5 have had a special visitor in school and have had a great time learning new yoga poses!

Super Sculptures!

In art, we have been learning about local sculptures.  Our favourite sculpture is ‘The Conversation Piece’.  We have created our own version of the Conversation piece using clay.


Wonderful Yoga!

We have been learning strategies to help us calm down.  We are amazing at making a tree pose!

Amazing Algorithms

This week, we have been working together to create algorithms to make a Mr. Potato head.  We have found out that our algorithms have to be precise and in the right order!

We’re going on a Wild Plant Hunt!

We have had lots of fun hunting for wild plants in our school grounds.  We found lots of daisies, buttercups, clovers, dandelions and Ivy.

Blue and Pink Day!

We all look amazing on blue and pink day! We have raised lots of money for the local charity.

Amazing Angel of the North models

In Design technology we have been learning about the structure of the Angel of the North and we have planned and made our models using a range of materials.

Super secret readers!

We have had a lovely afternoon listening to stories from parent secret readers.  We struggled to guess who they were!

Amazing Lighthouses

In Design Technology, we have been studying the structure of the Herd Groyne lighthouse in South Shields and we have made models of the lighthouse using a variety of materials.

Fun Fractions

This week we have had a great time in our class with everyone back from remote learning.  We have been learning to find 1/4, 2/4 and 3/4 of shapes and numbers.