Amazing Artists at work!

This week we have continued to study the artist Georges Seurat.  The children have explored the idea of pointillism and linked it to our History topic, Florence Nightingale.  The children created a piece of artwork which represents Florence.

Music is Marvellous!

Today we have been revisiting our music learning so far this term.  We have been learning about pulse and rhythm.

The children were rehearsing and performing pulse to music and creating actions to demonstrate their understanding.  We then used the glockenspiels and began to play a simple rhythm pattern, we had great fun!

Computing- A day at ‘The Word’!

Year 2 have had a fantastic day today visiting ‘The Word’ learning centre in South Shields.  We travelled by metro and then took a short walk to the centre.

The children have had the opportunity to learn and practise key learning objectives from our computing curriculum.  These included programming and coding.

All children used the Lego program ‘Spike’  to programme a variety of different amusement park rides and then used Scratch Junior to learn how to code and set a simple set of algorithms.


Well done Year 2!



Let’s get creative!

This week,  the children have enjoyed making houses designed for the period of 1666, the great fire of London.  They  have created designs thinking about different styles, shapes and sizes and then sourcing different materials to make them come to life!

Come and look at our beautiful display outside of class 5, huge thanks to Mrs Spargo for her creative touch.

They have really enjoyed this topic in History and have learned lots of facts.  Well done Class 5.


What a week in Class 5!

The children have worked incredibly hard this week in English.  They have been looking at, picking apart and writing a non-chronological report all about Wolves.

They have researched, using videos and information fact sheets, made notes about 3 sub-headings and then wrote their own.  It was quite a challenge but with excellent results, and I am extremely proud of each and every one of them, well done!

I shall be displaying them outside of the classroom so please come and see what they have published, real Authors in the making!

Monkton Masterminds

Well done to the boys and girls in Class 5 who completed the Monkton Masterminds Assembly on Friday morning. Miss Atthey is super proud of you!

Great Grouping!

Class 5 have been working very hard this week! We have been creating arrays and groups in Maths.

Scrumptious Pancakes!

This week, we have been reading the story called ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’ and have decided to make some scrumptious pancakes.  We followed instructions carefully.


Amazing Durham Cathedral

We had a great visit to Durham Cathedral on Monday.  We learned about Saint Cuthbert and we acted out the story.  Some of us got dressed up as monks, bishops, and animals. We had such a great time.