Our Spring Show

The children in Class 3 all did a brilliant job in their Spring performance of Billy No Buzz this week. We are so proud of them all! 👏😄



Class 3 have been learning all about measurement this week. We have compared, estimated and measured the length and height of a range of different objects.

St Hilda’s Church

Year 1 had a fantastic time visiting St Hilda’s Church as part of our Christianity topic for RE. They met Father Mark and enjoyed exploring the church and looking at the different features of the church; such as the lectern, altar, pulpit and stained glass windows.

The Magic Box

Earlier in the week the children were very excited to find a box in our classroom, but not just any box – a magic box! We read the story The Magic Box by Katie Cleminson and the children wrote lots of imaginative suggestions about what could be inside the box and who could have left it there.

For World Book Day the children had a magic themed day. They came to school dressed as magical characters and enjoyed lots of fun reading activities throughout the day as well as a visit from Magic Andrew. They also did a fantastic assembly all about World Book Day! 🥳

The Runaway Pancake

The children in Class 3 have been reading The Runaway Pancake this week. They worked together to make some tasty pancakes and chose their own toppings. The pancakes were delicious!

They then wrote some fantastic instructions on how to make pancakes, using time conjunctions and imperative verbs.


Children’s Mental Health Week

As this week is Children’s Mental Health Week we have been chatting about how it is normal to feel sad, anxious or worried at times. We talked about what we can do to help us to feel happy again. The children identified lots of things that make them happy, such as talking to their family and friends, doing fun activities at school, doing some exercise, watching their favourite TV programme, reading their favourite book or eating some nice food.

The children have also had a visitor from BlueJay Wellness who taught us lots of different stretches, breathing techniques and yoga poses. The children enjoyed working as a team to complete some yoga challenges.


In our music lesson we listened to a song called ‘In the Groove’. The children talked about the pulse and tempo of the song and had fun copying rhythmic actions on the screen. They then worked in small groups to practise the song and took turns to perform it to the rest of the class.

Science Buddies

Class 3 have had a special visitor in school called Katie from Science Buddies who did a workshop all about keeping our bodies clean. In our first experiment the children put some germs (pepper) into a Petri dish then put soap on their hands and touched the germs. The soap moved the germs away from our fingers! The children then put some cream containing germs (glitter) onto their hands and used UV lights to have a look and see how many ‘germs’ were on their hands. They checked again after washing their hands properly and found that the germs had disappeared.

The children also enjoyed making bath bombs using a special mixture. They added colouring and special scents; including candy floss, pear and bubblegum. Our classroom smelt lovely! The children were very excited to take their bath bombs home to see if they fizzed up in water.

Making Music using ICT

This week we have had a visitor named Martin in our class who has been teaching us about all about the GarageBand app. The children really enjoyed using the keyboard and piano features on the app to make some interesting music. 🎶

New Year’s Resolutions

Class 3 Did a brilliant job in their New Year assembly. They sang the song Auld Lang Syne so loudly and clearly, and told the audience all about their New Year’s Resolutions. Well done! ⭐️