Year 1 Easter Story Evening

A huge thank you to the grown-ups who attended the Year 1 Easter Story evening on Tuesday and Wednesday night. The children were read the story ‘We’re Going On An Egg Hunt’ before doing lots of different Easter activities. They made Easter baskets, created paper shape chicks, designed their own eggs and even made their own Easter cakes and biscuits! Miss Wilson x

Athletics & Red Nose Day!

On Thursday, C3 took part in the Athletics Festival at Temple Park. This consisted of the class being put into two groups and making their way around different circuits and activities. We had a blast – and felt super fit afterwards! A huge well done to Class 3 who were so incredibly well behaved, too. We had a fab time. On Friday it was our class assembly and C3 put on a BRILLIANT performance for Red Nose Day. I am a super proud teacher, right now! Miss Wilson x

Wonderful World Book Day

For World Book Day we dressed up as such gorgeous queens and handsome kings! We even had visitors on Thursday and Friday to read to us. On Thursday a man and lady came from library at The Word and on Friday Libbie’s dad came to see us! We were all very excited – we aren’t used to other adults coming in to read us stories and C3 were overjoyed. Here are some photos from the week. Miss Wilson x

Proper Perfect Pizzas!

Before half term, Class 3 designed their own pizzas with a range of toppings. They all had tomato puree and cheese as staples then had a choice of mushrooms, peppers, sweetcorn and ham. This week they got to make their very own pizzas before we popped them in the oven. They were cooked ready for the girls and boys to eat after break – and they were DELICIOUS! Miss Wilson x

St Hilda’s Church – South Shields

Last week, C3 went on a trip to visit a local church in South Shields called St Hilda’s. At school we had been learning all about the features of a church, such as a pulpit, font, lectern and altar. On our visit, we got to see all of these up close! We even learnt that St Hilda was actually a princess! We had a fantastic day. Miss Wilson x

Our New ‘Mood Zones’

These are Class 3’s new ‘zones’! Each zone represents a feeling…

Blue: sad, sick, tired, bored, moving slowly
Green: happy, calm, OK, focused, ready to learn
Yellow: frustrated, worried, silly/wriggly
Red: angry, mean, terrified, yelling/hitting

Every morning and throughout the day, the class will be given theopportunity to express how they’re feeling by moving their own face! 😀 It’s a fab way for the children to reflect on their mood and if it’s changing. It’s very important that the class know that it’s absolutely OK and completely normal to not feel happy every single day! It’s all part of being human and I will be stressing this alot ❤️. This display will help me identify the children in my class who may need some extra support, some extra uplifting or simply help from their friends to move them from one zone to a happier one! Miss Wilson x

Let’s Make Music – with GarageBand!

This week, Class 3 have began to create their own music on the iPads. They were taught how to use the app ‘GarageBand’ and this week they played the piano. They used different notes to create their own tune. This will be built upon next week as GarageBand will be a lesson the children will have week in, week out for the next 5 weeks. They had a blast during their first lesson! Miss Wilson x

Last week of Autumn Term!

We have already had such a fun week… and it’s only Wednesday! On Tuesday we had a special treat – a pantomime! It was called Pinocchio and it was fantastic! The boys and girls couldn’t stop laughing right the way through. Then on Wednesday, our class elf Buddy left us a beautiful rainbow picture. We decided to recreate it and made gorgeous calendars for our grown ups. They’re a little different though, I won’t ruin the surprise! We have even more surprises coming at Monkton Infants this week… Xx

Year 1 Christmas Nativity 2018

This Tuesday, Class 3 and 4 put on an incredible performance for their Christmas Nativity! We retold the traditional Christmas Story with Mary, Joseph, 3 wise men, angels and shepherds whilst singing a lot of traditional Christmas songs. It was filled with joy, enthusiasm and a lot of unexpected humour, too! Me and Miss Holtham were so proud! Xx

Rudolph Toothpaste & Snow Patterns

This week, Green Shift came in to do some Science experiments with Year 1. The ladies spoke to the class about how important it is to brush our teeth and why we do it – afterwards we thought it would be a great idea to make toothpaste for Rudolph! Of course it needed to be red to match his shiny red nose! We also made colourful snow patterns. We made our own snow then used different colourings to change the colour. What a fun morning! Miss Wilson x