Farmer Duck

Class 3 have been reading the story Farmer Duck this week. They wrote some lovely sentences using lots of adjectives to describe Farmer Duck.

Welcome to Class 3!

The children in Class 3 have all settled in brilliantly this week. They have enjoyed doing lots of fun activities and seeing all of their friends again after the summer holidays.

Year 1 Fun!

Class 3 have had an amazing week exploring their new classroom. We especially enjoyed our Friday afternoon iPad session! Check out some of the fun we’ve had so far…

Monkton Musicians!

Every Wednesday up until half term, Class 3 will be making music using the app ‘GarageBand’. Each week we will building upon our own song – this week we used the keyboard and recorded a tune! Next week we will be using a different instrument. The class had a ball!

Fab Friends!

This week, Class 3 celebrated Anti-Bullying week. We thought about the things we could do during the week to be an even better friend to everybody in the class. Later in the week, we thought of qualities we’d love most in a friend. We designed our own friend and chose our favourite qualities for them to have!

New Maths Symbols!

This week, the class were introduced to the inequality symbols. These represent greater than, less than and equal to. We compared groups of objects by counting accurately before moving onto comparing digits. Class 3 did a marvellous job, getting to grips with something that is considered very tricky!

Marvellous Money!

This week, we have been learning all about money! The class were introduced to all of our coins and we ordered them from the lowest to highest value. We noticed which coins were bronze, which ones were silver and which ones were gold. We noticed that the £2 coin was both silver and gold! We have even been trying hard to add different coins together. Finally, we moved onto identifying our notes! We looked at the £5, £10, £20 and £50 notes. We looked at how they’ve changed recently, too!

Football Festival 2019!

Year 1 took part in a football festival at Mariners Park and had a fantastic morning. They worked in teams and practiced their shooting, dribbling, running and balancing. It was a lot of fun, even better was the fact the sun beamed after a couple of rainy days! We got very hot and sweaty so we were relieved to go back for dinner where we had our packed lunches in the hall. Well done, Class 3! There were signs of excellent sportsmanship and I was so pleased to see everyone trying their best.

We’re Weaving!

Class 3 have been learning how to weave! They used strips of coloured card and weaved in and out to create spectacular colourful patterns! This required a lot of skill and concentration so some children worked together and helped their peers. They look wonderful!

Fabulous Fractions!

This week, Class 3 gave a fantastic performance in their Transport assembly. They gave excellent examples of transport in the air, on land and in the sea before explaining what transport was like a long time ago. In Maths, Class 3 were introduced to fractions! They spent the week learning firstly about halves – halving shapes and objects before using a halving mat to halve quantities. After this, we looked at quarters. Class 3 were amazing at finding 1/4 of shapes and objects. They even remembered the terms ‘numerator’ and ‘denominator’! Well done, Class 3. Miss Wilson x