Christmas Nativity

Class 3 did a fantastic job in their Christmas Nativity. We are so proud! ⭐️

Design Technology

Class 3 made thaumatropes in their DT lesson this week as part of their toys topic.

Tricky Word Hunt

The children in Class 3 went on a tricky word hunt around the classroom. They had to read their tricky word, then swap with a friend and read their friend’s tricky word. The children are making lovely progress with their reading. ⭐️👏

Van Gogh

Class 3 have been learning all about the artist Van Gogh. They looked at his painting ‘The Sunflowers’ and enjoyed designing and painting their own flower themed artwork based on the work of Van Gogh.

Don’t Hog the Hedge

The children did a fantastic job in their first Year 1 assembly last Friday, which was all about the Autumn story ‘Don’t Hog the Hedge’. We are so proud of you all!

Comparing amounts

In our maths lessons we have been comparing amounts. The children counted different amounts and decided which amounts were greater than, less than or equal to each other. We then began to compare numbers and were able to use the <, > and = symbols.

Autumn Poems

This week Class 3 have been writing some fantastic Autumn senses poems. 🍁🍂


In Class 3 we are learning all about the weather as part of our topic this half term. We made beautiful rainbows to go on our weather display in the school corridor. 🌈

Colour Mixing

Class 3 have been creating colour wheels by mixing the primary colours – red, yellow and blue.

Settling into Year 1

The children Class 3 are having a lovely time in their new Year 1 classroom. They have told us all about their summer holidays and have enjoyed completing a range of fun activities together.