Yakoi Yusama

The children have been learning all about the Japanese artist Yakoi Masuma. She paints pictures and makes models, covering everything in dots.

They have spent this week making their own models using clay, junk and paper mache. They will be decorating them in the style of Yakoi next week.

The colour Brown

The 2 year old children have been exploring the colour brown. They made some fantastic hand-print owls and hedgehogs.

Some of the children used clay and matchsticks to make their hedgehogs.

Some of the children mixed their own shades of brown to make their owls.

Famous Artists and Pudsey Fun

We have been making artwork in the style of Jackson Pollock

We have also been painting like Piet Mondrian, using squares and rectangles.


We enjoyed Pudsey Bear day and all came to Nursery wearing ‘What makes us happy’.

We played hide and seek, trying to find where Pudsey was hiding in the classroom.

We also coloured in and made masks and decorated Pudsey’s face with pom poms using tweezers.

A week of Celebrations and Remembrance

We had lots of fun making firework pictures.

We even used black playdough & jewels to make fireworks.

Bang! Whee! Woosh!

We all joined in to make Rangoli patterns to celebrate Diwali, we even made Diva lamps.

We talked about Remembrance and used apples to print our poppies


Autumn fun!

Our Senses

The 2 year old group have been learning all about their senses.

They have been listening, touching, smelling and tasting lots of things.

Keeping our hands clean

We had a visit from the school Nurse to teach us all about germs and how to wash our hands properly.

Look how easily we can spread the germs among our friends


Learning how germs are spread

Learning how to keep our teeth clean

All about families

We have been learning all about families. We have sorted animals and coloured bears into family groups.

We have been talking about who lives in our home with us.

  We even posted letters to the right numbered house

Our first week in Nursery

We have enjoyed meeting new friends and seeing our old ones too.

Visit from The Word

We had a visit from Steve Robert from The Word. He brought some Spheros for us to explore. We had a fantastic time learning how to ‘drive’ them and how to make patterns using paint. We even knocked down skittles and hid them under cones – it looked as thought the cones were moving by themselves.