Celebrating Differences

This half term our PSHE topic is ‘Celebrating Differences’.
We have looked at how we are different to our friends and also discussed the similarities.

We then looked at what we are good at and what we enjoy and compared these to our friends. We now understand that sometimes we like the same things, but we also like different things and that’s okay. We made our own pictures of ourselves and our friends taking part in our different hobbies.

We read ‘The Colours of Us’ and then discussed the differences of people in our world.
Following on we read ‘The Lonely Snowflake’ and made a list of the similarities and differences in the snowflakes when searching for a friend the same as her.

We then talked about our families, we looked at some photos of different families and we identified what was different about them. We then compared them to our families.

Afterwards, we created beautiful drawings of our family. We brought them back to the carpet and discussed what was different and similar.

Class 2 have been fantastic at discussing and understanding that the world we live in is full of humans who are different, and that’s okay. We know it would be a super boring world if we were all the same!