Who has laid an egg?

This week Class 1 were surprised to find a real egg in our classroom, nobody could understand where it had come from and why the nest had been built in lour classroom.  Attached to the egg was a special set of clues we all needed to read to try and discover what animal was inside of the egg.

I think it’s a dinosaur! – Joshua

It’s a T-Rex – AJ

I think it’s a brontosaurus – Bodhi

We read the clues carefully, when we read that it had flat teeth we all knew that this meant the dinosaur was a herbivore, which is a dinosaur that eats plants.  We then read about how it had horns, we then had a long think about the dinosaurs we know of which have horns and are herbivores.

Using our detective skills we read a Top Dinosaur book to see if it was one of the dinosaurs inside, sadly, we couldn’t find a dinosaur in the book which was being described.  So we then began to think about what other dinosaurs we knew, together we decided to research a triceratops.  After searching for the triceratops on the computer we found that this dinosaur had horns, a frill and was a herbivore!  We all then learned some super facts about a triceratops and wrote them in our books.

We also had some broken eggs in our classroom, these eggs had numbers and numicon written on them, our job was to try and put the pieces of egg back together by matching the right number to the correct numicon! We all did a fantastic job!