Fantastic Maths!

Class 1 have been working hard during Maths, we have been learning about addition and subtraction!

We started by completing some practical activities to add different items together, we started by rolling a dice and subitising the amount of dots on top, we then wrote this number for the start of our number sentence and then adding the addition symbol.  We then rolled a second dice, subitised the number and wrote this number next in our number sentence, we then had a number sentence such as 4 + 3 =__. We then added these numbers together and then wrote this at the end of the number sentence.

Following on from this we then started subtracting in Maths.

When we take away the number gets smaller – Timothy

We practised subtraction physically to begin with, we did this by putting beanbags out and counting the amount, we then verbalised subtracting 2.

Take 2 out to subtract 2 – Nova

We then started to write this in a number sentence, we identified that the larger number went first and we then used the subtraction symbol before putting the take away amount, we then worked out the answer by counting out how many beanbags we had left.