Rainbow Flag Award – Introduction


At Monkton Infants we have been given the amazing opportunity to be involved in the Rainbow Flag Award. We already do lots of work in the school around how we are different – from hair colour and eye colour to height, build and race. Our children really are fantastic at accepting each other for their unique qualities.

To make our school even more inclusive, we now have a wealth of amazing books to make children aware of more differences we have out there in the real world which will be shared in classes in KS1. From diverse families (e.g. same gender parents) to knowing it’s absolutely ok to break all gender stereotypes. Whether you love pink, blue, glitter, cars, tiaras or footballs… We will all be accepted and loved just for being us!

We are hoping this early approach will prevent homophobic and transphobic behaviour later in life, as often it is the initial shock and misunderstanding which can be the root cause.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to pop our Rainbow Flag lead, Miss Wilson, or Mrs Askwith a message or visit www.rainbowflagaward.co.uk for more info.

Thank you xx