Odd or Even?

This week in Class 1 we have been looking at odd and even numbers, we done lots of different activities to support us in understand how to tell if a number will be odd or even.

Our first task was using numicon, we ordered the numicon from 1 to 10, after this week looked carefully to see what the difference was between each of the numbers, such as seeing that some numbers had an extra one on top.  We quickly learned that this meant that a number must be odd, we then noticed the pattern of numbers switched, therefore if the previous number was odd the next number would be even.

We saw that the even numicon numbers could be made up using 2’s, this meant that we could tell if a number was even because it can be made up by 2’s.  After learning these facts we were then able to sort the numicon into a hoop for odd or even numbers.

To further develop our understanding of odd and even numbers we then rolled a dice which had different amount of spots arranged on it, we needed to identify if the number was off or even and give a reason for our thinking.

I know the number is odd because it has an odd one out – Isla

The number is even because it is made up of 2’s – Leo

We also completed an exciting activity in our class where we created our own in class bus, where we were given a number to make on the bus, each of the seats were arranged in 2’s, this meant that once we were sat on the bus we could tell if the number we had made was odd or even.

We have all done amazing job sorting odd and even numbers, we now know a pattern for identifying odd and even numbers when shown larger numbers. Well done Class 1!