Jack Frost 🥶 ❄️

This week we have been reading Jack Frost and discussing winter. We received a letter from Jack Frost explaining he has lost his hands in the cold, we went on a hunt and found his hands in our garden! The children used some amazing vocabulary to describe the hands such as cold, freezing, slippery, wet, ice cold, icy, hard, rock solid. We then wrote some simple sentences to describe how Jack’s hands felt. We had super segmenting!!

After discussing winger and Jack Frost we started to look at the weather in our country compared to other places around the world. We watched some videos of Antarctica and found out some amazing facts such as no humans live there. We had a discussion on how Antarctica is different to where we live. We then looked at some Artic animals and how they survive in comparison to animals in our country.

After recalling some facts about artic animals we created our own winter habitat for an artic animal, thinking about what that animal needs to survive.

Artic hare needs snow to hide from the artic fox – Elias

Polar bears need fish – Arlo