Counting up to 20!

This week in Maths we have been focusing on numbers from 16 to 20, this means that we have been learning how to verbally count up to 20, identify the numbers up to 20 and then learning about each number such as what makes 20.

We started our lessons by organising numbers we already new on a number-line whilst having a new number added everyday getting higher.

4 is next! – Dolly

I can count to 12 and 13 comes next – Bodhi

After sorting the numbers onto a number-line we then worked with a partner to create the numbers on a tens frame, we did this by sharing different ways we could make each number.  we talked about how we would need 2 tens frames to create each number as one tens frame can only hold 10 counters.

10 add 8 equals 18 – Riley

Double 9 is 18 – Nova

After creating each number on our tens frame we were then tasked with finding one more and one less, we then counted how many were on our tens frame after each addition or take away.

One more than 18 is 19 – Timothy

One less than 18 is 17 – Jersey

Add one on to make one more – Jessica

Take one away to make one less – Leo