Autumn 🍂🍃

After reading ‘We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt’ we went on our very own leaf hunt. We collect lots of autumn leaves and discussed changes we could see and how the weather felt different.

This week we have learnt so much about autumn the children have recalled so many amazing facts.

It gets foggy and windy – Mason
It’s sunny but it’s a winter sun. – Tommy
Leaves are brown and yellow – Leroy
Birds migrate to a hot country. – Tommy
Where is the red tree? – Autumn (unfortunately we don’t have a red oak tree like the story)
Hat and gloves for autumn. – Athena
The squirrels get the nuts and hide them for when it’s cold. – Arlo

We have enjoyed creating our own Autumn trees by using conkers and pine cones to paint the leaves back onto the trees.

We used lots of Autumn items to create faces and discuss different emotions and a time we had felt a certain way.

In maths we used tweezers to count conkers to match numerals 1-5. We then ordered the numbered conkers onto a tens frame.