🕷🧙‍♀️🎃 Halloween 🎃🧙‍♀️🕷

We have loved Halloween week! We have been reading Room on the Broom and retelling then story using our very own story map. We used pictures and actions to help us re tell the story using the vocabulary and repetitive phrases.

We then created our own witch’s potion just like the story. We made a list of all our ingredients.

In our Maths area we used the tweezers to catch the spiders in the spiders web and subitise the amount into the numicon. The children were amazing at telling me how they knew how many was there.

“It’s five because I can see a 4 and a 1.” – Leroy

we then made a witch’s brew. We read the recipe and added the correct amount into the cauldron.


In our finger gym we added the correct amount of spiders legs onto the spider.

🎃Pumpkin Picking🎃 Read the list and create the words from the pumpkin


In our art area we created amazing spooky wreaths.