🌸💐🌹 New Growth 🌸💐🌹

As part of our Spring topic, we have been learning all about the new growth which occurs during this time of the year. We recalled what we already know about seasons and we discussed them in the correct sequence. For example, we know we had some snow during Winter, Christmas happened, and all the leaves fell off the trees. We used our classroom timeline to support us in discussing past events. We then observed how the sun has started shining a lot more and some of our trees are growing their leaves back.

We read the story ‘Flower Garden’ and talked about new growth around us. We were able to identify the blossom growing on the trees outside as well as daffodils growing.

We got some beautiful spring flowers in our class and we discussed and described them. The children then had a go at drawing the flowers whilst discussing with peers what they could see.

Amazing drawings and observations, Class 2