Funky Fruit Salads!

Class 3 were introduced to the story of ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’ and we thought… What better than to make our OWN fruit salads in class! We followed a simple set of instructions to help us make it. Throughout the week, we also learnt about imperatives, time connectives and used bullet points in our own lists. Fabulous instruction work this week, Class 3! Here are some photos of our fruity creations…


Deeeelicious! We are going to be writing out our steps to make a fruit salad on Monday so that we can tell everyone how we made it!

Miss Wilson x


In literacy we have been learning about the prefix ‘un’. We know that it changes the meaning of a root word.

We had fun matching cards with root words to their corresponding prefix words and adding the words to sentences.


Class 4 had a very special visitor today…Santa! Everyone was so excited to meet him, he even gave each of us a present. 🎅🏻

Bug Bee Bots

We have been learning how to move our bee bot bugs forwards and sideways. WE have been making races and obstacle courses for them to go over, under and around objects.

This week in Class 1 we have been learning how to share quantities and objects. We already know how to half an amount, and we know that this means splitting evenly into two groups, so we used this knowledge to help us share into groups of 3, 4, and even 5.


In phonics our focus sounds this week were ‘igh’ and ‘ure’. Here are some of us playing ‘igh’ bingo, drawing pictures to represent ‘igh’ words, and writing ‘igh’ words in glitter.

On Wednesday it was Purple Day!
We all came into school dressed in something purple and donated £1 to the Kidsafe charity. We talked about lots of ways we can keep ourselves safe, including on the road, at the beach, in the sun, and online. We had lots of fun in the process!

School Council Meeting 18.05.17

The school council worked together to compose a letter to Mrs Luke to thank her for coming to visit our school and to ask her whether it would be possible to hold an ‘American’ themed lunch in the dinner hall on 4th July. We are excited to read her response!