South Shields is the Best!

Class 6 enjoyed their visit to South Shields this week.  Their enjoyed practising for their assembly which was a special edition of Family Fortunes all about South Shields.

Money, Money, Money

Class 6 have been having fun making amounts of money this week.  They have been learning about equivalence and finding different combinations of coins to make a £1.

IMG_0762[1] IMG_0759[1] IMG_0758[1] IMG_0757[1] IMG_0753[1]

Super South Shields

In geography we have been learning about South Shields.  We decided to find out which feature in South Shields was the most popular in our class.  We created a tally chart and asked our friends to choose their favourite feature of South Shields.  Most of class 6 agreed that their favourite feature is Marsden Rock!

IMG_0721[1] IMG_0722[1] IMG_0723[1]

Visit to the Synagogue

Class 6 had a fantastic time at the Synagogue on Tuesday.  They enjoyed looking at the Jewish books, the Torah and enjoyed finding out about Jewish celebrations.