Super Safe Week

Class 6 have been learning how to stay safe this week.  We have written instructions on how to cross a road safely and have made fabulous safety posters.

Super South Shields!

Class 6 had an amazing time during their visit to South Shields.  They had a fabulous ferry ride across the River Tyne and enjoyed visiting the museum.  Class 6’s enjoyed playing in the playground at South Marine park and paddling in the sea at the beach.

Super Science!

We have been learning about habitats in science and researched world habitats using a search engine on a ipad this week and found lots of information about our favourite habitat!

Super Synagogue!!!

Class 6 had a super visit to the Synagogue on Wednesday.  They enjoyed looking at all the artefacts from the Jewish Religion.  Some boys tried on a Kippah and a Tallit.

Visit to Durham Cathedral

Class 6 had a fabulous time during they visit to Durham Cathedral.  They enjoyed learning about St Cuthbert and St Bede.  They favourite part was learning the scary story about St Oswald!


Easter Fun!

Class 6 thoroughly enjoyed our Easter activity afternoon and had great fun solving the clues outside for our Easter egg hunt.

Fantastic Fraction Families

In maths, we have been learning about finding different ways to make amounts of money and we have been learning about fractions.  We made a fraction family and compared fractions.  we found out that a half is the same as 2 quarters!

Wonderful World Book Day

Class 6 had a fantastic World Book Day.  We used programmed bee bots to find the treasure under the sea.  We wrote wonderful diaries of ‘A Day in the Life of’  our character that we were dressed up as.