Trip to the Park

Class 4 had a great time on their trip to Chester-Le-Street Park on Wednesday. The children enjoyed exploring the different structures and mechanisms found in the park. They also looked at the materials that each piece of equipment was made from.
Thankfully, the weather was nice and the children had lots of fun playing on the equipment.


We Belong…

In RE this week we talked about our school badge and how it shows people that we are part of our school. We discussed other groups that we are part of such as our families, our friendship groups, and any after school clubs we go to. The children then designed their own badges to show the different communities that they belong to.


Settling in!

The children in class 4 have settled into year 1 brilliantly! They have been learning all about Autumn this week and looked at a range of items that we find in Autumn, such as acorns and conkers, then painted some wonderful Autumn pictures for our display.