Fabulous France

Class 4 have been learning all about France this week as part of our ‘Barnaby Bear’ topic. We learned that the capital city of France is Paris. We also found out about the flag of France, French food, and famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower.

Marvellous Materials

This week was British Science Week. Class 4 carried out out a science investigation to find out which material would be the best to use to make a pair of curtains for the three bears, after Goldilocks ripped their old curtains when she tried to escape out of the window!

We tested five different materials – paper, foil, plastic, wood and fabric.

We held the materials up to the light to find out whether they were transparent or opaque.

We tried bending the materials to find out if they were flexible or rigid.

We pulled and stretched the materials to find out if they were strong.

Our findings showed that the fabric was the best material to use as it was soft, opaque, flexible and strong.

Mother’s Day Assembly

What a fantastic Mother’s Day assembly highlighting the importance of saying thank you to our mums and all of the ladies who love and care for us. Class 4 worked so hard to make it the best assembly yet.

All of the children would like to say a big “Happy Mother’s Day” for Sunday. 😊

Visit to St Hilda’s Church

Class 4 had a great time visiting St Hilda’s Church as part of this terms ‘Christian Church’ topic in RE. They were so excited to learn all about the various church artefacts and asked Father Chris lots of interesting questions.

Stained Glass Windows

As part of our ‘Christian Church’ topic in RE, we have been learning all about church artefacts. We looked at a range of stained glass windows and designed our own.

Dreams and Goals

Class 4 did brilliantly in their ‘Dreams and Goals’ assembly this morning. They acted out a story with a very important message about reaching for your goals and never giving up.

The children worked so hard on the assembly and their singing and acting was fantastic. Well done, Class 4!

Wonderful Weather

We are learning all about weather in our science lessons this half term. We looked at the different weather symbols and discussed what each one means. We also read the 5 day weather forecast on the Met Office website using our knowledge of the weather symbols.




Class 4 had a very special visitor today…Santa! Everyone was so excited to meet him, he even gave each of us a present. 🎅🏻


The children in Class 4 did brilliantly in their Christmas performance of ‘Baubles’. Well done, everyone! 🙂