Class 3’s Summer Performance

Class 3 did brilliantly in their summer performance of ‘The Wind and the Sun’.ย The children worked so hard to learn their speaking parts as well as all of the songs. The singing and acting was fantastic. A huge well done! ๐Ÿ™‚

Summer Assembly

Class 3 did brilliantly in their assembly this morning all about summer. There was acting, poetry, singing and dancing. The children were all very confident and everyone knew their lines. Miss Holtham is very proud.


Bark Rubbings

In science this term we are learning all about plants. We have identified different parts of a tree and explored the differences between evergreen and deciduous trees. Today we looked at some of the deciduous trees outside of our school and had fun doing bark rubbings.

Incredible Instructions

Class 3 have been writing instructions about how to take care of a pet. They came up with lots of good ideas about what different pets might need, and wrote clear instructions using numbered points, bossy verbs, adjectives and connectives!


Sensational Sculptures

Class 3 researched famous landmarks from around the world and created some brilliant sculptures of their chosen landmarks using clay. The clay felt very cold and squishy.

The completed sculptures included the Angel of the North, the Egyptian pyramids and even the Taj Mahal!

Super Subtraction

In maths this week we have been subtracting multiples of ten from 2 digit numbers, we were very good at counting back in tens! We know that when we take a multiple of ten away from a 2 digit number, the units digit always stays the same.

subtract 1 subtract 2


This week we have been learning all about capacity. We had fun estimating and measuring the capacity of different containers using non-standard units. We then began to look at standard units of measure and investigated which containers could hold more than 1 litre of water and which could hold less than 1 litre.

capacity 1 capacity 2 capacity 3