Awesome Aiming!

We have worked hard on our aim this week in P.E. We practised different ways of throwing and how we can aim for a target.

Pom Poms!

As part of our Fabulous Fabrics topic in Art, Class 3 have begun making their own pom poms. They have chosen their own colours and thought about what pattern they might see when they are complete!

St Hilda’s Church

Class 3 enjoyed their trip to St Hilda’s Church this week. They had lots of questions to ask Father Chris and enjoyed looking around the church spotting all the artefacts they have been learning about.

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Winter Warmers

This week we have been busy making soup – a perfect meal to keep you nice and warm on cold winter days. Ours contained parsnip, carrot, potato and onion. We used our sense of taste, sight and smell to describe it.

What a Week!

Class 3 have had a very busy week this week! They had so much fun at the mini tennis festival at Temple Park. The took part in racket skills, volleys, floor tennis and relays.

They also worked hard to practice their road safety assembly, they remembered all the key facts and were able to show others how to cross the road safely.


Marvellous Maths!

Did you know that using just 3 numbers we can create 4 different number sentences; two using minus and two using add! For example:
4   3   7
4 + 3 = 7
3 + 4 = 7
7 – 4 = 3
7 – 3 = 4

We have been exploring this today in Maths!

Does it use technology?

In Class 3 last week we talked about lots of everyday objects that we used and sorted them into groups ‘use technology’ ‘do not use technology’. We could think of lots of objects and were even able to discuss what we would do without the use of technology!