The Commonwealth

As part of The Commonwealth we have been taken part in various activities – we have created our own flags, discussed and written about our favourite sports from The Commonwealth Games and painted our very own queens!

Easter Fun!

This week Class 2 have taken part in the Boiled Egg competition. We all decorated our boiled eggs however we liked, we had chicks, butterflies, superheroes, rainbows and many more!


This week Class 2 have been learning about money. We can now recognise a 1p, 2p, 5p, and 10p coin. We discussed how the coins looked, their differences and we ordered them from the smallest amount to the largest amount. We also used magnets to identify real and fake coins.
Some of us were able to find out how much money was in the purses by counting in groups of 2, 5 and 10!

Jack and the Beanstalk

This week Class 2 have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk! We have been measuring beanstalks and giants feet, we have created a story walk to help us re tell the story and we have all re wrote the story! We have also been creating our own beanstalks using cheerios and planting our own beanstalks!

Under the Sea

As part of our themed week for World Book Day we have been reading ‘Can a Shark Do Gymnastics?’ We learnt about questions and question marks and then had a go at reading and answering some silly questions about sharks.

We all came into school dressed in ‘Under the Sea’ costumes. How fantastic are they?


Our new topic in Reception is Spring. In our classroom we now have a small fairy land where the children can create their own little world using natural resources. We also have Percy the Park Keepers Park!
The children have really enjoyed creating their own stories and acting these out!

Multi Sport Festival

This week Class 2 visited Temple Park to take part in a Multi sport festival. We had so much fun. We took part in lots of different sports, for example, netball, basketball, gymnastics, dodge ball, rugby, tennis and football.

Jack Frost

This week Class 2 have been reading Jack Frost. We received a letter from Jack explaining how his hands had dropped off in the freezing cold. Class 2 then found Jack Frost’s hands in the igloo! We then wrote letters back to him explaining how we had found his hands!

Class 2 then did their assembly on Jack Frost. We acted out the story and then we showed off our Jack Frosts we had made in Art!

Winter Homes

As our topic is Winter Wonderland we have been creating our own winter homes for a winter animal. We learnt all about winter animals, we then designed our winter home and this week we have finished our winter homes. Aren’t they fantastic? Well done Class 2!

3D Shapes

This week Class 2 have been learning about 3D shapes. We have learnt the names of the shapes cube, cuboid, cylinder, pyramid, cone and sphere. We have been describing the shapes to our friends to see if they could guess them. We also matched the real life objects to the 3D shapes.

In Literacy this week we have been reading Winnie in Winter. We discussed how Winnie felt during the winter and ten we thought of our own synonyms for cold. The children came up with frosty, icy, bitter, chilly, crisp, cool and freezing. We then out the words into sentences and wrote them.