Numicon City

This week we have been talking about the words more and less, and discussing how to find the total of a number of objects. Here, the children are building skyscrapers using numicon, and counting how many windows are in the whole building.

Super counting, Class 1!

Brilliant blending

This week Class 1 have been practising their blending in the outdoor area. They have been reading the CVC words on the balls, then deciding whether each word is real or ‘alien’ and putting them down the correct chutes.

We’ve also been for our walk around the local area. We know our local area is called Simonside. We were really good at spotting signs from far away and describing them. We also made sure to be very careful when crossing the roads.

Well done Class 1.

Hip hip hooray for Superworm!

This week we’ve been reading the story, Superworm!

We created a story map to help us retell the story, and some of us even acted out our favourite parts for our friends.

We’ve also been making our very own Superworms, and other minibeasts, out of clay!

We’re also all dressed up today for Children in Need! Thank you to everyone that’s donated.

Excellent Estimating

This week in Class 1 we have been learning how to estimate. We know that this is just a posh word for a guess, and we know that it doesn’t matter if we are wrong, as long as our guess is sensible.


Phonics fun!

This week we’ve been outside practising our sound recognition and blending by using water squirters.

Here are some of us reading CVC words and identifying individual sounds.

We’ve also began an experiment using celery and food colouring. We’ve all given predictions based on what we think will happen, and we will keep checking back to see if we are correct.

Fun with 2D shapes

This week we’ve been learning about 2D shapes.

We have been using shapes in the maths area to create pictures, talking about their properties, and naming them.


We’ve also been creating patterns with shapes, some using two shapes, and some using three.

On Tuesday we also performed ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’ in the Awesome Autumn show!

And on Friday we performed ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ for our very first class assembly. A big thank you to all of the grown-ups for coming!

What a busy week! Well done Class 1!

Autumn Leaves

This week in Class 1 we have been learning about Autumn. We know that it is the season where the weather starts to get colder, the leaves change colour, and the nights get longer.

We’ve been gathering leaves from outside and using them to create our own Autumn collages.

We also had a visit from police officer Dan, who taught us all about what it’s like being a police officer.

He even let us dress up in some of his uniform!

Fabulous Phonics

This week we’ve been practising writing all of the sounds we have learned so far. Here are some of us practising writing the ‘m’ sound!

All About Me!

This week in Class 1 we have been thinking about Ourselves. We have been writing/drawing things we like and dislike, and have begun to paint portraits of ourselves for display.