Fabulous Phonics

This week we’ve been practising writing all of the sounds we have learned so far. Here are some of us practising writing the ‘m’ sound!

All About Me!

This week in Class 1 we have been thinking about Ourselves. We have been writing/drawing things we like and dislike, and have begun to paint portraits of ourselves for display.

Settling into our new class

This week in Class 1 we have been settling into our new classroom and the routines in our school.

In maths, we have been playing lots of number games involving counting and ordering.

In phonics we have been learning the sounds ‘s’, ‘a’, and ‘t’, and looking at items which start with these sounds.

In Understanding the World we have been talking about people who help us, and in our choosing time, some of us had a go at drawing them.

Our final assembly in Reception

A big thank you to all of the grown-ups who came to see Class 1’s final assembly in Reception. We hope you enjoyed your tour of Hall Hill farm!

The children have also brought their favourite teddy bears into school today. Here are some of them sitting in our classroom watching us learn!

The North Wind and the Sun

Class 1 have had a busy week rehearsing and performing as part of the Reception and Year 1 Summer production, “The North Wind and the Sun”.

They all had so much fun and sang so beautifully throughout. Thank you to all the grown-ups for coming!

Well done Class 1!

Fun on the farm!

We have had lots of fun learning all about the farm this week. Here are some photos from our visit to Hall Hill Farm on Thursday.

Here we are all raring to go.

We held lots of different animals, but always had to remember to wash our hands afterwards.

We fed some lambs…

…and some goats!

Then to top it all off, we had lots of fun playing in the soft play.

What a fantastic day!

This week in Class 1 we have been learning how to share quantities and objects. We already know how to half an amount, and we know that this means splitting evenly into two groups, so we used this knowledge to help us share into groups of 3, 4, and even 5.


In phonics our focus sounds this week were ‘igh’ and ‘ure’. Here are some of us playing ‘igh’ bingo, drawing pictures to represent ‘igh’ words, and writing ‘igh’ words in glitter.

On Wednesday it was Purple Day!
We all came into school dressed in something purple and donated £1 to the Kidsafe charity. We talked about lots of ways we can keep ourselves safe, including on the road, at the beach, in the sun, and online. We had lots of fun in the process!

3D shapes

This week we have learning about the properties of 3D shapes.

We passed a feely bag around the circle and chose a shape to describe to everyone else.

We talked about the amount of faces and corners, and whether the shapes feel round or flat, as well as comparing the shapes in terms of their similarities and differences.

We’ve also been looking at the shape of everyday items by going on a 3D shape hunt in our outdoor area. In pairs, one child took photos of each shape on the iPad, and one child recorded using a tally chart. We then compiled all of our results to find out which shape we saw the most of.

Super shape hunting, Class 1!