Antarctic Explorers

In Class 1 this half term we are learning all about winter. Our role play area is the Antarctic, we are enjoying being explorers, camping out and sitting around the camp fire.


The children did an amazing job in their assembly today. They have worked so hard to learn their lines and practice their parts all week and did a brilliant job of performing it. What superstars they are!


Class 1’s final assembly

Class 1 performed their last assembly in Reception this morning. They retold the story Zog by Julia Donaldson. They’ve been working hard all week on their lines and their performing, as well as performing in the Summer show earlier this week! Well done Class 1!

How to trap a dragon

This week we’ve been reading about how to trap a dragon. We followed the instructions to set our own traps and even caught a baby dragon!

We then wrote our own set of instructions to trap a dragon.

Hardwick Park!

This week Reception went on our trip to Hardwick Park! We completed lots of different activities in the park and learned about the importance of the woodlands.

Pond dipping!

Searching for a Bog Baby!

Creating our own bog babies out of clay.

Decorating trees!

Creating a sensory map of the woods.

Creating pictures using natural objects.

We had a fantastic day!

The Princess and the Pea

This week we’ve been reading the story ‘The Princess and the Pea’.

In literacy, we’ve created storyboards of the story to help us retell it, and filled in missing words from the story. In art, we’ve been designing and making our own beds from the story! They look fantastic on display in our cloakroom!


3D Shapes

This week we’ve been learning the properties of 3D shapes. We have been describing shapes, naming shapes, and finding shapes in our environment.

We know that 2D means flat, and 3D means FAT! Here we are sorting shapes into 2D and 3D.

Child Safety Week 2018

This week is Child Safety Week. In Class 1 we have spent the week learning about different ways of keeping ourselves safe. We learned how to cross the road safely, and some of us demonstrated this for our friends.


We also learned about fire safety. We drew a map of the school, labelled the fire exits, and drew a line to show our fire escape route.


We have also learnt about water safety. We talked about the dangers of water and how we can keep ourselves safe. Some of us then designed our own mascots to help us remember water safety.

Well done Class 1!