School Council Voting

We voted for our new school council members this week. Each child put their votes into a ballot box and the votes were counted up. Two children from each class were then chosen to be our new school council members. They are all feeling very excited!


School Council Meeting 17.07.17

This was the last school council meeting of the academic year. The children were incredibly pleased to have received a letter from Hospitality and Hope Food Bank thanking them for arranging the themed lunch, whereby all proceeds went to the charity to help individuals and families in crisis in the local community.

We had a little tea party as a celebration of all our hard work and everything we have achieved this year. Well done, everyone!


American Independence Day Lunch

The school council helped to organised an American Independence Day themed lunch on Tuesday 4th July and asked for a donation of 50p per child to go to the Hospitality and Hope Food Bank. The children really enjoyed their lunches. Thank you to everyone who kindly donated to this amazing charity and thank you to the lunchtime staff for organising such a lovely lunch!

School Council Meeting 26.04.17

In our previous meeting, Mrs Luke had spoken to us about the importance of the local food banks and the children were extremely interested in finding out more. In this meeting, we talked about what food banks do to help people and we decided to think of ways that we could raise money for the local food bank, for example by holding an ‘American’ themed day on 4th July.

School Council Meeting 17.02.17

In this meeting, the school council discussed the importance of attending school every day and wrote sentences describing why it is importance to come to school and when it is okay to stay away from school (when you are poorly). This work will be displayed in the main school corridor so that the other children and visitors can read it.

School Council Meeting 19.01.17

In this meeting, the school council came up with the idea that they could make posters to remind children to wash their hands, and they could monitor the toilets at lunchtime to check that everyone in their class is washing their hands properly before going into the dinner hall. The school council secretary wrote down our ideas.