School Council Meeting 17.02.17

In this meeting, the school council discussed the importance of attending school every day and wrote sentences describing why it is importance to come to school and when it is okay to stay away from school (when you are poorly). This work will be displayed in the main school corridor so that the other children and visitors can read it.

School Council Meeting 19.01.17

In this meeting, the school council came up with the idea that they could make posters to remind children to wash their hands, and they could monitor the toilets at lunchtime to check that everyone in their class is washing their hands properly before going into the dinner hall. The school council secretary wrote down our ideas.


School Council Meeting 7.12.16

During this school council meeting we talked in more depth about the roles involved in a council, including the chairperson and secretary, and decided who would take on these roles. We then watched an interesting video of a school council meeting in another school an talked about what was happening in the meeting, who was taking the ‘minutes’, what the outcome was. etc.

The children decided that for their next meeting they would like to talk about hygiene in school and the importance of being clean and washing hands.

School Council Meeting 16.11.16

The school council members talked about what it means to be part of Britain and looked at the British Values:

  • Democracy
  • Rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

We thought about what each one might mean and what we do in our school that links in with each value. We came up with ideas which included; voting for our school council members, learning about different religions and beliefs, finding out how we are the same and different, and the ‘golden rules’ in our school. The children then did some writing about British Values for our display.



School Council Meeting 6.10.16

In this meeting we discussed what it means to be a school council member. The children came up with lots of brilliant ideas and talked about what they are looking forward to doing this year as school council members. They then wrote down some ideas to put onto our school council display!

Our Class Election

On Wednesday we focused on British Values and had a class Election.The children voted for who they wanted to be the School Council representatives for class 4. 

First they put themselves forward as candidates.

Then wrote a little speech about why we should choose them.

Then they used a ballot card to vote for one boy and one girl.

Finally we created a tally to help us count all of  the votes.

The winners for this year were:

Zoe and Jay 

Well done!

We had a great class Election Day!

DSC00342 DSC00343 DSC00344 DSC00345 DSC00346 DSC00347 DSC00348 DSC00350 DSC00351 DSC00352 DSC00353

School Council Voting!

This week we voted for our new school council members; the children in each class voted for one girl and one boy and put their ballot papers into the ballot box. The votes were counted up and our new school council were members given their special badges. They are  all very excited to get started!