Settling in!

The children in class 4 have settled into year 1 brilliantly! They have been learning all about Autumn this week and looked at a range of items that we find in Autumn, such as acorns and conkers, then painted some wonderful Autumn pictures for our display.


School Council Meeting 17.07.17

This was the last school council meeting of the academic year. The children were incredibly pleased to have received a letter from Hospitality and Hope Food Bank thanking them for arranging the themed lunch, whereby all proceeds went to the charity to help individuals and families in crisis in the local community.

We had a little tea party as a celebration of all our hard work and everything we have achieved this year. Well done, everyone!


Class 3’s trip to Alnwick Gardens

We had a brilliant time on our trip to Alnwick Gardens. We enjoyed looking around the garden and finding out all about the different types of plants.

We learned about the bees that live there and how they make honey.

We were able to see inside of a beehive and watch the bees at work; we even got to taste some of their delicious honey!

The rain didn’t ruin our trip…

We had fun planting different types of flowers.

Class 3’s Summer Performance

Class 3 did brilliantly in their summer performance of ‘The Wind and the Sun’.ย The children worked so hard to learn their speaking parts as well as all of the songs. The singing and acting was fantastic. A huge well done! ๐Ÿ™‚

American Independence Day Lunch

The school council helped to organised an American Independence Day themed lunch on Tuesday 4th July and asked for a donation of 50p per child to go to the Hospitality and Hope Food Bank. The children really enjoyed their lunches. Thank you to everyone who kindly donated to this amazing charity and thank you to the lunchtime staff for organising such a lovely lunch!

Summer Assembly

Class 3 did brilliantly in their assembly this morning all about summer. There was acting, poetry, singing and dancing. The children were all very confident and everyone knew their lines. Miss Holtham is very proud.


Bark Rubbings

In science this term we are learning all about plants. We have identified different parts of a tree and explored the differences between evergreen and deciduous trees. Today we looked at some of the deciduous trees outside of our school and had fun doing bark rubbings.

Incredible Instructions

Class 3 have been writing instructions about how to take care of a pet. They came up with lots of good ideas about what different pets might need, and wrote clear instructions using numbered points, bossy verbs, adjectives and connectives!